I prefer “the Imp”- Tyrion Lannister.


He was almost killed several times, but he can escape from the tiger’s mouth and survive the wisdom of the lever. Later, he was able to be a dragon mother, and he had the best planning and planning skills.

2. Kindness

Although he is very evil, he does not inherit these genes. The little devil is very kind, three silly and so beautiful. Although he is romantic, he still does not hurt her.

3. Brave

When the castle was about to be broken, the soldiers of the whole city were led to fight against the war and their faces were cut off.


The loyalty here means that he is deeply in love after he fell in love with the prostitute Shae. But I didn’t expect to be betrayed by Shae. After Shae and his father slept, he desperately strangled her and killed his father. (His father slept Shae was only the last straw he killed his father, mainly because his father was preparing to kill him, he has been crushing him for so many years, and he is completely desperate for his father.)

5. Forbearance

As a gnome, the mother died after birth, and her father and sister thought that he had killed his mother and was resentful against him. It has been ridiculed and teased for so many years. But he can bear it, the game is human. Some people are tall, but they have no soul, just like walking dead. Although the little devil is a dwarf clown, it is full of charm.

I once made up my mind that if Tyrion was dead I will not watching the Game of Thrones anymore.

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