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What is happening to Apple? well, if you’ve been following the news recently, you might be aware that Apple’s having a really really bad time, their stocks have dropped considerably they had the weakest number of iPhone sales in years and not only that but lots of investors are selling their Apple stocks, and here’s everything you need to know about that.
Okay, so if you’ve been watching my videos for the past few years, now you might have seen a few of them in which I’ve been calling out Apple on all the stupid things they’ve done, because oh
boy, there was there were lots of them. so, you know all the MacBook Pro issues the silent updates like the Vega 20 MacBook Pro, which was just three months after the previous models came out, that tons of inconsistencies that Apple has in their product lineup actually the separate video just on that 30 plus Apple inconsistencies essentially Apple went from a company that was focused on simplicity to a company that offers way too much with little to no difference between the products. I mean back in Steve Jobs era we had one iPhone one iPad and then in terms of the MacBooks we had you know the MacBook in the middle and we had a MacBook Air which was thinner and more portable, and then a MacBook Pro which was thicker and more powerful than the MacBook. So everything made a lot of sense, but now we still have the MacBook Pro but then the MacBook is actually thinner than the MacBook Air why is that only Apple knows, and then we also have a brand new MacBook Air which was introduced at the end of 2018. but that MacBook Air is also thicker than the 12-inch MacBook again, so they haven’t really replaced the naming schemes and then also Apple kept the old MacBook Air the one from 2015 which hasn’t been updated since then, and that one that has a design from 2010 so almost a nine-year old design daolon Apple has actually dropped the price by 50 pounds. 50 pounds in four years that’s that’s a joke. How are they even still selling that.

Yeah, every time Apple released a new product back in Steve Jobs era, it was considerably better than the previous generation, I mean take a look at the iPad 2 versus, the first iPad, the iPhone 4 versus, the iPhone 3GS, not only dad, but the products were not getting more expensive, instead in a lot of cases that were getting more affordable than the previous generation, whereas now postive Jobs era, it’s the exact opposite apple offers way too many products, that he can count like look at the iPads, we have the iPad Mini 4, we still have it for some reason, we have the regular iPad and then we have the iPad pros, but then you can still you can buy the previous 10 .5 inch iPad pro, which comes with thicker bezels, and the new 11 inch iPad pro, 12.9 inch iPad pro. there’s so many options, yeah, so it applies to the iPhones, lots of iPhones to choose from which isn’t necessarily, a bad thing, but then, the naming scheme is literally a mess, I mean really iPhone 10, our iPhone 10s max, why not just call all of them, you know iPhones and have names based on the display size, like apples currently doing, you know with the iPad pros, for example or the back books really not sure why Apple has different naming scheme rules entirely for just the iPhones.

What is happening to Apple?

Essentially, Apple became lazy, and they stopped making any major changes with the iPhones. I mean, yes, the iPhone 10 wasn’t either massive change, but before that, we had four generations of iPhones, the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7, and the iPhone 8, all of them would the exact same design on the front, no wonder that people got bored of Apple, but what’s even worse is that year after year, Apple keeps bumping the prices more and more, so when they launched a new model, instead of you know removing the old one entirely like they used to, you they keep selling the old one and almost the same price, or in some cases, the exact same price as before, and they make the new one more expensive, the f-18 was $50, more than the iPhone 7 for whatever reason, the iPhone 10 however was 350 dollars, more than the previous iPhone 7 was, that’s a huge price increase, that’s a 35% price increase in a year, which is insane apply the excuse that the iPhone 10 was so innovative that manufacturing the components was really expensive, and that’s indeed true, but then you know the iPhone 4 was also a huge improvement over there from 3GS in every single way, you know that Retina display all those components were also really difficult to manufacture. I’m really expensive, however the price was pretty much the same, I mean Apple should have redesigned the iPhone with the iPhone 7 actually, that was when it was deal so a year before, instead of waiting a year to release the pointless iPhone AIDS, alongside you know the way more expensive iPhone 10, and then, also Apple was supposed to drop the prices in 2018, when component manufacturing became cheaper for the iPhone 10, and they actually haven’t the iPhone 10 did cost $137 more to make than the iPhone 8 did. but Apple decided to charge $300, more guy from 10x, for example is literally the exact same price as the iPhone 10 from a year before while the iPhone 10s max is you guessed it even more, yeah, yeah, iPhone 10 max can now go up to fourteen hundred and fifty pounds in the UK, or 1000 and $850, almost three times the cost of an iPhone in 2016, that’s when the iPhone 7 came out, awesome.

So of course that all of these bad money-hungry decisions have had a huge negative impact on poll, so first of all in 2018 Apple had the lowest number of iPhone sales, new iPhone sales in years, however they’ve actually made the most amount of profit so far, just because their prices were higher, and this is actually one of the biggest mistakes that companies mostly start-up, companies actually do like if your product doesn’t sell well, you need to improve the product, instead of you know just charging more to make up for the low number of sales and woody iPhone 10, our investors analysts, myself included everyone was expecting it to sell really really well, which it didn’t, and then Apple start promoting the iPhone 10 are everywhere, they spend their website with iPhone 10, our ads everywhere, even the display panels in the Apple stores, you know the ones which are normally showcasing tips and tricks for users they started showcasing iPhone 10 our ads, yeah, this simply shows how desperate Apple has become, and as a result of these low sales, Tim Cook actually stated that they would no longer be reporting unit sales for iPhones, iPads, and Macs, just because you know the sales are lower, and they don’t want to show those you know numbers to investors, now Apple is actually one of the only big tech companies that does this, you know reporting their own sales, figures every quarter most companies don’t really do this, and Apple has been doing it for the past ten plus years, but it seems like they won’t be doing this anymore, mostly like I said to avoid investors being disappointed in the constantly decreasing number of sales.

However, the bad news is that the investors have already been disappointed, and the fact that Apple would be holding the figure secrets and many other issues that I mentioned before, plus something like you know, the Apple home pod being delayed not even to mention the air power, which was supposed to be released in September 2017, we’re in 2019 now, so you know, it’s almost it’s getting close to two years, and it hasn’t been released. so all of those issues, all of this caused Apple stock to plummet, Apple was actually the first US company to reach one trillion dollar valuation in August 2018, which was really impressive. however, by the end of the year and 2018 in just three months, because of everything that I mentioned before, they lost over 450 billion dollars, almost half of their value, essentially, so, yeah, apples no longer a trillion-dollar company, in fact ,Microsoft, Google, as well as Amazon are all way more valuable than Apple is, what’s even more interesting fun fact is that Apple lost the amount of Apple loss so 450 billion is more than what Facebook is worth entirely. so, yeah, as you can see, it’s not looking good for Apple.

What is happening to Apple?

Okay. so what does Apple plan on doing in order to fix all this, well, something that I was actually very surprised to see and I’m guessing everyone was is Samsung announcing at CES 2019, that they would be pardoning with Apple, and that they would be including iTunes Apple music home kit, as well as airplay to play no functionality, and all of their upcoming Samsung Smart TVs. So, yeah, Samsung would be building Apple TV functionality in their own TVs, and I was really surprised to see that just a day later, Vizio Sony as well as LG they’ve all announced that they would be doing the exact same thing apart from the iTunes functionality, that’s something exclusive for Samsung TVs, so, yeah, in this case, what’s the point of getting an Apple TV anyways. well, you know, DUI is still nicer on the Apple TV, the ecosystem if you’re into using, you know TV OS apps which let’s be honest, no one really cares about well in that case, you can get an Apple TV, but to be honest, Apple seems to be killing the Apple TV over by doing this, they’re also becoming a much more open company, which honestly, I’m totally for I mean, Apple probably made his decision shortly after seeing how bad their sales were in 2018, and by focusing on services Apple can heavily increase their profits, because you know services are things you subscribe to every single month or every year rawrr, and things that you know you pay for when you buy them at once in full, such as you know hardware products are, but, yeah, Lerner comments what do you guys think about all this, it’s crazy obviously, Apple as a company it won’t go bankrupt it’s nothing, this is happening, but it’s interesting to see how Apple’s decisions all of them.

Well, they got us to this points, you know, Apple stock basically dropping almost 50 percent, it’s crazy, so, yeah, we know how that’s what I guys think about all this you subscribing amplifications, if you’re new to the channel tell the bell icon, so that you get notified as soon as a brand new video comes out, and yes, it’s been pretty much it stay tuned for the next video, next cool videos coming out this week pretty cool regarding some of the upcoming Apple products in 2019 especially, one that’s going to be pretty cool.

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