Those who love others are always loved; those who respect others are always respected.

For anyone, we can get along well only if we put ourselves in the position of others.

So is the so-called high EQ person.

The following three pictures and three stories further tell the truth of transposition thinking.



Think about life in a different place, cherish and deserve possession

A pig, a sheep and a cow are kept in the same corral by herdsmen.

One day, the herdsman captured the pig from the barn, listening to the pig shouting and fighting fiercely.

Sheep and cows hated its howling, so they said:

“We’re often caught by herdsmen, and we don’t yell like you.”

The pig responded:

“Catching you and catching me are totally different things. He catches you, just dividing your hair and milk, but catching me is killing me!”

We each have our own lives and sufferings.

Different standpoints and different environments, so few people can change their positions and think with their own understanding, let alone empathy.

Leo Tolstoy said, “If you’re not me, how do you know the way I went, the pain and joy in my heart?”

Life is not easy at all. At this time, we should compare our hearts with our hearts and think differently. This is the most appropriate way to live.

Think about life in a different place, and cherish what you deserve.

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Think in a different way, understand and be grateful

A man invited a blind friend to dinner and ate late. The blind man said, “I’m going back very late.”

The master lit a lantern for him, and he said angrily, “I can’t see it. You gave me another lantern. Isn’t that a mockery?”

The host said:

“You light a lantern for me because I’m worried. You can’t see, others can see, so you walk in the dark and nobody will bump into you.”

The same is true.

Everything, viewed from different angles, will have different opinions. Different opinions lead to different results.

1. Try to understand what other people think.

Try to think in other places and think for others.

Understand the helplessness of others and be grateful for your own luck. Maybe you will feel open-minded.

2. Change the way of thinking, change the way of living, maybe there will be different plots.

In the journey of life, unsatisfactory, unsatisfactory things often occur, life and death is a natural law.

Once you encounter unhappy things, you might as well adjust your mind and think from another angle.

Think in a different way, understand and be grateful.

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Respecting others means respecting oneself.

Whether you see 6 or 9 in this picture depends on where you are.

“Seen as peaking on the side of the ridge, the distances and heights are different.”

When Su Shi looks at Lushan Mountain, he sees different scenery in different directions, just like this cartoon.

If you look at these things from different perspectives, you will see different things and get different results.

Napoleon Hill, the world-renowned master of inspiration and success, needed to hire a Secretary for one year, so he advertised in several newspapers and magazines.

As a result, letters of application came like snowflakes. But most of these letters are the same, for example, the first sentence almost likes to start like this: “I am a certain age this year, graduated from a certain school, if I am honored to be selected by you, I will be conscientious”…

Napoleon Hill was disappointed and was thinking of giving up the recruitment plan when a letter gave him a new hope that the secretary was not the trusted owner.

Her letter was written as follows:

Inspirator: Your advertisement will certainly attract hundreds or even thousands of application letters, and I believe that your work must be very busy, and there is not enough time to read them carefully.

Therefore, you just need to dial this phone lightly. I’d like to come and help you organize your letters so as to save your precious time.

You needn’t doubt my ability and quality of work at all, because I have fifteen years of secretarial work experience.”

Later, when Napoleon Hill mentioned it, he would say:

“The world is yours if you know how to think in other people’s positions, think in other people’s positions, and really help others solve problems.”

Respecting others means respecting oneself.

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It’s hard to think in a different way, but it’s hard to know. This is because we are used to seeing things from our own point of view.

You are a customer, think the business is too profitable; you are a businessman, think the customer is too picky.

When you drive, you want pedestrians to obey the rules; when you walk, you want the owner to be courteous.

When you work, you feel that the boss is unkind; when you work, you feel that the employees are not active.

Facts have proved: always standing in their own position to look at others, the results will never be good conclusions.

Only those who are willing to really consider each other’s feelings can create good interpersonal relationships. This is the embodiment of high-emotion businessmen!

A lifetime, a moment.

If we can change our minds, understand, respect, contentment and let go, life will be more mature, happy, acquired, happy and relaxed.

Empathy is critically important because it enables humans to understand each others’ preferences and work towards win-win outcomes that leave everyone better off than when they started.

From a selfish perspective, this lets individuals “win” in the long-run, by forging mutually beneficial alliances while avoiding unnecessary conflict.

From a selfless perspective, this helps humans act in a way to maximize global utility/welfare – it’s difficult to help someone when you don’t understand their preferences (think the humans trying to “help” the Na’vi in Avatar with schools and roads).

Because life is an echo.

A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers. No pay no gain.

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