People always say “Nothing is more beautiful than the splendor of the sunset”, but when the retirement day is really coming, the huge psychological gap will be weighing in their mind, which bewildered the elderly.

If you want to have a perfect retirement, check out the world’s best pension list. There is always one for you.

According to the latest global pension rankings, among the nearly 200 countries in the world, 8 of the top 10 countries most suitable for pensions are located in Europe. The United States ranks 19th and the United Kingdom ranks 22th. In Asia, South Korea ranks 14th ahead of Japan ranked 17th.

So let’s take a look at the top 21 countries with the best retirement protection today. Why are you talking about retirement when you are so young? Then go and see the beautiful scenery.

1. Switzerland

Beautiful scenery, beauty and just system

I have to say that God is sometimes a eccentric eye. He always seems to be particularly fond of a certain area.

For example, in Switzerland, this area is only 40,000 square kilometers, not a vast land which dotted with mountains, rivers, lakes, forests… It contains too much beauty we can imagine.

The unique features of a local environment always give special characteristics to its inhabitants. Switzerland, which is favored by God, has nurtured peaceful, simple and inclusive Swiss people.

They love life and admire nature. They love this country like their own children.

If you like golf, hiking, skiing or a variety of exciting sports, then Switzerland is definitely your first choice after retirement.

In addition, a strong and steady bank system, the high per capita income level, a universal health care system and mandatory pension system have made Switzerland “the best country for the elderly”.

2. Norway

Every old man living in Norway is a millionaire

There is no such words “raising children to support parents in their old age”. The nursing home here not only pay attention to the material life of the elderly and cares for the spiritual world of the elderly.

The environment of the nursing home is quiet and the air is fresh. You can always hear the joyful piano tone and the chorus of the old man.

Many nursing homes offer speech contests, song and dance performances, computer courses, foreign language training and other activities for the elderly. Even psychologists, music therapists, pastors and other types of work are equipped.

Private custom-made nursing home: quiet environment, fresh air, you can hear the joyful piano sound and the chorus of the old man at any time, pay attention to the spiritual world of caring for the elderly, and the nursing home is equipped with psychologists, music therapists, pastors and other types of work.

Norway’s old-age welfare policy can not only let the Norwegian old man “have someone to depend on”, but also let those who are still mentally sorrow “have something to do” and get fun from it.

Forecasts indicate that Norwegian pension funds may become the world’s largest investment fund, and it is conservatively estimated that every Norwegian elderly living is a millionaire.

Coupled with the excellent natural environment quality here, Norwegians have a longer life expectancy, with women up to 82.7 years old and men 78.2 years old.

3. Australia

A retirement paradise on sheep’s back

This is the highest ranked among all non-European countries. It is also known as the “aged paradise” and an important immigrant country.

There is a sound pension system, free medical security, beautiful natural environment, fresh air, and safe food. It should be said to be the preferred place for retirement.

Many people who have lived in Australia are express that that they have felt “man-based” and “serve the people”, and service to the extreme.

Driving on Great Ocean Road, snorkeling on the sea, say hi to kangaroos and koalas, in Australia, you can also enjoy the intoxicating nature, upwind of the smell of people and industry, to regain the fresh and natural life!

4. Iceland

The country sounds cold is actually a livable city.

Because of this cold name, many people have a sense of Iceland: this country is super cold!

In fact, even if Iceland’s climate is not pleasant, it is absolutely impossible to say cold – it has also been elected the world’s most livable country!

There are about 330,000 people in Iceland, which is not comparable to a small county in China. Such population distributed over 103,000 square kilometers soil, made it the country with minimum population density in European, so this country is very boring?

This is wrong, various music festivals, live shows, camping activities, parades, festivals, film festivals, outdoor competitions… It can be said that Iceland is playing in the five Nordic countries.

In the pension rankings, Iceland’s environment from 23 in 2013 to 11 in 14 years and now in the fourth place shows that the environment for pensions is improving.

Coupled with the optimistic economic outlook and the stability of the banking system, it directly affects the deposit security of retirees.

5. Netherlands

Pervasive freedom spirit capital

The Netherlands is known as “the back garden of Europe”, the world of tulips, the kingdom of windmills, the artistic sacred place of Rembrandt and Van Gogh, as well as the rich and delicious cheese products and wooden shoes with painted…

In the Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam, there is a sense of freedom everywhere.

This is the first country in the world where gays can register to marry. It is the only country that does not hide the red light district, but is a tourist hotspot. The Netherlands also has a “coffee shop” full of streets, people love cycling.. .

In the pension rankings, the Netherlands jumped from the previous 13th to the 5th. It achieved such good results because of improved economic environment, sound health care system and excellent material living conditions.

6. Sweden

Average life expectancy ranks first in the world

The four seasons of Sweden are not as obvious as China, where we can only feel the beauty of summer and winter.

The coolness and flowers of summer make people feel like they are in a paradise, and the fresh air and friendly people have brought us back to the world. It is a good paradise for vacation.

In the winter, colorful experiences such as finding the Northern Lights, driving reindeer sleds and snowmobiles are all memorable.

The Swede’s average life expectancy ranks first in the world, and its high quality lifestyle and quality make it a very attractive retirement destination.

The penetration rate of the health care system is very high here, and the level of doctors is also very high. It is not surprising that it is one of the best choices for retirees.

7. Denmark

Have the most complete pension system

In Denmark, many social benefits may not be expected for the rest of our lives. For example, we never imagined going to college for free, nor did we think that we could get $600 a month to support ourselves.

The most enviable thing in Denmark is the medical treatment there. As a Chinese, it is too expensive to go to a hospital. But in Denmark, free medical treatment and medical expenses reimbursement really make us stunned and even stunned.

In Denmark, the elderly have a basic government subsidy of 60,000 yuan per year and an additional government subsidy of 30,000 yuan. If you have a child at home, you can enjoy a subsidy of 1,000 yuan per month until she is 18 years old.

Denmark can be said to be the best welfare country in the world, of course, at the cost of paying taxes.

Denmark is also often referred to as one of the happiest places in the world. People generally live long lives. The average life expectancy of the people of this country is over 80 years old.

8. Austria

Enjoy life

Located in central Europe, Austria is the gateway to Eastern Europe.

It has beautiful alpine scenery in the Alps; it has the most ornamental world heritage; it has unique specialties and fine wines; there are colorful and world-renowned cultural and artistic activities…

The center of this once-popular Austro-Hungarian Empire still has international charm.

Austria is one of the countries that established social insurance earlier in the world. It has a sound, institutionalized and standardized social security system. Its constitution stipulates that Austria belongs to the social welfare state.

Despite the sudden financial situation, the ranking slipped from the previous 3rd to the 8th, but the deadly camel is bigger than Ma, and its very high health index and quality of life can still be a very suitable pension.

9. Germany

Let us live together

Germany has long since entered the old age. If you go to the German countryside, those in the quiet villages are mostly elderly. And their life and the life of the elderly in China are completely two concepts.

The Germans have long had no concept of raising children and preventing old age. No old man relies on the funds of his children to maintain his life.

Nowadays, there is a new model of old-age care in Germany. Some old people are voluntarily grouped together because of their similar interests, and they live a “cohabitation” of their later years.

And because of its consistently low unemployment rate and strong health care system, the high health index, Germany’s ranking has been in the top ten.

10. New Zealand

Pure and natural upper garden

Here is the magical sanctuary of the “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and the “Hobbit”.

New Zealand is an island country full of mythology and leisure space. It is a middle-aged world that is crazy to the world, and a pure and natural garden of God.

You can relax, exercise, taste and fantasize here. In short, this is a magical place.

New Zealand’s air quality is good, and the government is committed to providing quality living services to retired people.

New Zealand’s pension system stipulates that foreigners, whether they are New Zealand nationals or have permanent residency, are eligible to apply for a pension if they are 65 years of age or have lived in New Zealand for 10 years.

11. Luxembourg

Safe, slow life

The “Pocket Kingdom” Luxembourg has an average life expectancy of 24 in the world. The country proposes a new concept of longevity: slow pace.

Luxembourg’s welfare for the elderly is one of the best in the world, and every senior citizen has a generous pension. In addition, all public facilities, nursing homes and transportation are free, and its health care system is also very good.

In addition, Luxembourg has a very good economic situation, and per capita income can also rank among the top five in the world.

12. Canada

The vast plateaus, rich valleys and dotted islands make up Canada’s magical and fascinating natural scenery.

At the same time, it is also a country with great internationalization, tolerance and individuality. The people here are gentle and friendly, but they care for the animals;

The scenery here is not the same, but it can impress you. Whether it’s a fiery maple leaf or a cold igloo, whether it’s a lavish Christian church or a simple habit, Canada will always surprise you.

Canada’s economic development is better, and the country’s financial situation is better, which is also conducive to ranking in the retirement countries.

13. Finland

Good medical, good environment

Finland is known as the “Country of the Thousand Islands” and the “Country of Thousand Lakes”. Romantic streets, warm buildings, lovely Santa Claus and beautiful ice and snow are all gathered on this Nordic land.

In addition to the very good air and natural environment, Finland, like other countries in Northern Europe, offers a very strong health care system and services. And its quality of life is also very high.

14. South Korea

Asian leader

The spring flowers, the summer coast of the Côte d’Azur, the purple awns in the fall, the snow of Halla Mountain in the winter, the different colors of the four seasons, and the scenery everywhere in Korea.

You can take a leisurely stroll on any street and enjoy a rare leisure time; or visit any of the galleries in the lanes, immerse yourself in the world of culture and art; or visit the old-fashioned Hanok that preserves the beauty of the tradition, imagine a The ancient Korean poetry.

South Korea’s natural environmental protection is good, and the material living standard is very high. Although the per capita income level is relatively low, last year’s per capita income has increased by 2,500 US dollars. In addition, the unemployment rate is relatively low, and the level of pension in Asia is still relatively good.

15. Czech Republic

Pension reform after population aging

What do you think of when you mention the Czech Republic? Jolin’s “Prague Square”? Milan Kundera’s “Unbearable Lightness of Life”? Skoda car? Romantically surrounded by Charles Bridge? Town CK? Red bohemian roof? Or is it the blond hair of the European footballer Nedved?

Yes, these are the labels of the Czech Republic. In terms of old-age care, as the world becomes more and more “old”, the Czech Republic can also make many reforms, including postponing the retirement age. . .

Although it has encountered many problems, the average life expectancy of 78 years old is still superior to that of neighboring Slovakia, 76 years old, Hungary’s 75 years old, plus sufficient funds and resources.

16. Belgium

Retirement age is delayed from 65 to 67

Belgium is an unfolding picture: ancient castles, modern cities, natural scenery… everything. To appreciate the style of Belgium, you need a little patience to walk slowly, and every place will surprise you.

In Belgium, many old people like to live in nursing homes. This is because the nursing homes in Belgium not only provide quality nursing staff for the elderly, but also care about their safety from the details of life.

And recently it has raised the retirement age from 65 to 67. Although the working hours have become longer, reducing fiscal expenditures helps maintain a sustainable retirement system.

17. Japan

Ranked 27th, still the least per capita bed

Japan is a country that has entered an earlier ageing population and has now experienced negative population growth. Japan attaches great importance to the issue of old-age care, institutionalizes pensions, and is thoughtful and thoughtful. Its methods and concepts of pension are a successful model.

For decades, Japan has introduced the “Welfare Law for the Elderly”, which is improving day by day. Compared with last year, Japan’s ranking has risen by 27 places!

But so far, Japan is still the country with the least number of beds per capita, with 14 beds per 1,000 people.

18. France

Return to the garden and enjoy the “village” rhythm.

As a country with a relatively complete social welfare system in the West, France has a unique highly fragmented and inclusive pension system: comprehensive coverage but different order.

In France, elderly people who cannot live on their own, suffer from illness or have no children are more inclined to choose to go to the nursing home to support their old age.

For middle-income earners in French cities, they tend to buy “second homes” in the countryside for vacation or retirement.

Many French people will sell the houses in the city after they retire, and then enjoy the “village” rhythm in the south.

There are also some French people who have moved to Morocco or Tunisia because there are not only sunshine but also lower prices.

In the past year, France’s national life expectancy has risen from 81.5 to 82.5 years, which is really amazing.

19. United States

High standard of living and quality, high government debt

In the West, the United States is not a high-welfare country, but the US pension system is enough to make many countries shame!

The perfect social security system has taken care of all aspects of the elderly, and the Americans have been very independent since childhood, and they are willing to enjoy living alone in the following year.

It’s just that the debt owed by the US government is still very high. I don’t know what will happen in the future.

20. Slovenia

The deepening of aging population degree brings some problems

The green pastures are intertwined with winding country roads, and the steeple of the church in the quiet village is reminiscent of picturesque Austria.

The dark green forest is surrounded by towering gray-white peaks. The green lake of Bled is emerald green, the mirror-like lake under the cliff and the white reflection of the Alps in the lake form a dreamy ice jade.

The high quality of life, the high popularity of the health care system, the equal high income level and the first-class natural environment, the country is undoubtedly a good old-age country, but the problem of population aging is deepening, and pensioning has become an increasingly serious challenge.

21. Qatar

Rich Middle Eastern tyrant

Qatar, located on the Qatar peninsula of the Persian Gulf, is known as the “country floating on oil”, making Qatar one of the highest per capita income countries in the world.

From the previous 31 to the current 21, it can be seen that this country is very valued for the elderly, and it also has a relatively complete social security. It is said that not only local people do not pay for medical treatment, but also foreigners in Qatar. It’s just a symbolic exchange of money.

In addition to paying for medical treatment, the water, electricity and gas used for living are also paid by the government. Locals in Qatar do not need to go to work for money because the government will give subsidies.

The above are the 21 countries that are most suitable for old-age care. Friends who have higher quality requirements for life and who like to live abroad may wish to see if you have the most favorite country.

These places are suitable for old age and more suitable for travel!

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