The “Wall Heater” Roaring Across the Horizon
which is popular In the American families,
3 seconds makes winter turn to spring!
Sedentary in the office
The hand has to stretch out from the clothes to type.
Hands and feet feel cold even when wearing thick clothes
How can I live without heating! ! !
Although there are many heating equipment on the market.
It is easy to accumulate dust inside the air conditioner
Once you turn it on, the accumulated dust and germs will be brought out.
Elderly and children with weak respiratory tract
Are much easier to get sick when blow air too long,
And the air conditioner is notoriously inefficient.

Mini electric warm blower
No light fire, low noise
Plug and play operating system, 3 seconds instant heater
Protective temperature controller, protection for overheated
Temperature and wind speed adjustable
Air circulation systems maintain air convection
Upgraded version equipped with remote control and bracket

Low power-consumption: 900-1000W of power, more energy efficient than air conditioners and other heaters.
Portable: In the company, dormitory, room, living room, bathroom, wherever there is a plug to use.

Generally we use air conditioning or traditional electric heaters
It takes at least 5 minutes to start warming up after opening.
And this heater is like magic.
It can be used with a socket, and it turns spring in the spring.
This kind of warm blower is now popular in American families.

Almost no need to wait 900-1000W Instant heating
3 seconds to feel the warmth

This instant heating capability is not simply related to power
More important is the heating method
Recognized PTC ceramic heating technology
Energy-saving, high efficiency, uniform heating

Products like electric heaters
Excessive hidden safety dangers
Also quite unfriendly to the skin
Possible sequelae after roasting for a long time
Called “fire erythema”, persistent telangiectasia due to long-term high temperature stimulation
Sometimes the pigment is obviously increased, not only ugly, but also difficult to subside.
Warm air heaters can avoid this problem

About heating capacity, Official data show that
A mini heater is suitable for space up to 10 square meters
The entire room starts to heat up

Anyone who has used electric heaters knows
Once you are a little farther away, you will feel cold.
It also has a bad point that makes the air dry and makes people feel uncomfortable.
For example, when it is often placed under your feet
The calf is sore and the thigh is still cold.

And the work principle of this heater is
PTC ceramic heating
Centrifugal fan fan air supply embedded in the main unit
Using aerodynamic principles
Circulation through air convection
Quickly heat the air and continue to output
So the surrounding air is getting warmer
Give you gentle warmth and comfort
Instead of only local heating

Circulating air supply can also accelerate air circulation
Unlike air conditioners, doors and windows need to be closed
Which caused poor indoor air conditions
It’s not a problem any more to eat ice cream in winter with the heater in your house.

Safety is very important for this type of heater
Every winter, it seems that there are many accidents caused by electric heating.
This heater has been fully considered in terms of safety.
When the temperature rises and overheats, it will stop heating up.
And restart again when the machine temperature reaches a safe data

The Body Material is a kind of outstanding flame retardants
Which could prevent Spontaneous combustion

This is not to say
With this function we don’t need to turn off the power
As the use principle of the heater
Be sure to turn it off when you leave
The function just help us temporary reduce the risk

I am a person who hates reading the instructions.
And multiple buttons will crash me.
This heater has only three buttons
And there is an LED screen on the body to display the temperature.
Simple operation to adjust temperature and wind speed
Meet your different needs
Compact body, Simple buttons and easy operation

The entire body size of this heater is 5.7Inch Wide×4.1Inch Thick
The size that an adult can grasp with one hand
Warmth at your fingertips
Silent fan blade noise reduction design
Quiet and comfortable

Rich application scenarios
Temporary residence like a dormitory or rental house
Generally people can and will not install air conditioners themselves.
This portable heater is just right
It not only has the effect of electric heating and air conditioning, but also can be moved at any time.
Put it in the bedroom and turn it on 10 minutes before going to bed.
Thick quilts and unsafe electric blankets are not needed
It will save you a lot of trouble

Working in the company during the day
Working late at night
Put it aside
The typing hand is not cold in an instant.

It can also be used in the bathroom.
Before taking a shower at night, you can use it to warm the bathroom first.
You can also use it at home in the toilet.

There are also kitchens and enclosed balconies
Where electric heating equipment will not be installed
You can enjoy the hot air when you cook and hang the clothes.
In general,
You deserve to have an artifact that can heat your surroundings at any time, and you won’t feel bored by circulating the warm air.
So how can you buy it?

Mini electric heater
3 seconds winter becomes spring
Long press the QR code to identify
Buy now

Winter is coming, seek for more styles of heaters
Please enter the mall and search for “heater”
Any further questions, please leave your comments.

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