When was the last time you remember carrying a lot of pills without getting even a little bit frustrated? For me, this used to happen practically every time.

With so many medications and supplements during travel, at work or school, the pill cabinet can easily become cluttered and sorting through medications turns into a hassle. At this point, a pill box would be very useful. A Pill box simplify this process, save time and serve as a friendly reminder when to take medicines, vitamins, and supplements.

I’ve already done the research on the best pill boxes on the market, and highlighted my top 10 picks here for you. Below you can find reviews of the best pill boxes 2019, so you don’t have to be clueless, like I was. Whatever your situation, these reviews can help you find the perfect pill box for your needs.

1.Best Portable Mini Pill Organizer Box
If you’re constantly on the road for business or just like to travel, you’ll need a pill box that won’t take up space in your bag. This pill organizer box is designed with Mini size with 10 compartments, it looks more like a wallet than a container and it tucks easily into luggage, which is safe and practical for travel or family use.
(Amazon hot selling product, known as Bidear pill case, you can view it here)
2.Best Weekly Standing Pill Box for Travel Use
7 divided compartments, fits all kinds of supplements, vitamins and giant pills, which is a decent portable pill organizer that would fit your bag well, easy to take it with you during travel. This pill box can be also used to store pills, capsules, candy, vitamin tablets and other small items.
3.Best 7 Day Oversized Pill Organizer
Those that have a lot of medication or have larger-sized pills should consider the extra large seven-day organizer from Spider-mall. Pill box with 21 compartments is broken down into seven removable “day compartments” each with three  slots (morning, afternoon, evening). Great reminder for elderly, seniors and all ages, take it with you wherever you go.
Some more 7-day pill boxes to consider.
4.Best Fashionable Mini Pill Box
For a fashionable pill case to bring with you on the go, this is a great option. This pill box is Light, small, non-toxic and tasteless. Made of ultra-thin food grade PP material, a total of 8 grids, simple and practical, each slot is able to hold a generous amount of small pills, as well as larger capsules.
This elegant pill boxes can also be considered.
5.Best Cute Pill Box for Pocket or Purse


Sturdy small pill box with cute Appearance, 6 separate compartments for organizing your medication, also ideal for storing vitamins, small earrings and other small items. The pill box can be easily put in pocket, purse or briefcase.

More cute pill boxes

6.Best Round 7-Day Pill Case with 7 Compartments


Rotating design cute appearance pill box, create a nice experience for you. Ultimate light-weight, making them easy for the individual pods to pack into purses, backpacks or other luggage. The small kit consists of seven individual day containers to organize your pills taking for a whole week.

More round pill case

7.Best Daily Pill Case with Alarm Clock


The Daily Pill Case with Alarm Clock is a popular choice for those needing to take pills on time and has a well-thought-out design and an affordable price tag. The pill box has 2 compartments that can meet your needs all day. Loud alarm beeps for 30 seconds, ideal for patients or carers never to miss out on taking medication.

More electronic pill box

8.Best Electronic Weekly Pill Dispenser Box with 5 Alarm Reminders


If you’re constantly on the go, having the Electronic Weekly Pill Dispenser Box on hand is an easy way to avoid forgetting about your medication. You can set up 5 groups alarm clock at the same time to remain people who needs to take medicine on time. Automatic Weekly Pill Dispenser with 7 compartments to store a week of drugs, each compartment can hold ordinary capsule more than 10 tablets.

9.Best Moisture-proof Small Pill Organizer



The pill box is made of food-grade pp material, FDA certified. It sealed well, 7 compartments equip with individual lids for easy classify and store drugs while moisture-proof. Great for storage pills or supplements for a short travel, business trip and daily use.

These waterproof pill organizer can also be considered.

10.Best Waterproof Mini Keychain Pill Fob

key chain pill holder key chain pill holder


The waterproof mini keychain pill fob can be attached to backpacks, key chains or belt loops. The aluminum containers come in different colors and O-ring increases the sealing performance to keep it 100% waterproof. Large enough for many small pills (such as Advil or allergy medicine), and a few larger capsules and supplements. You can also use them for ID tag, notes, jewelry or other small items. (If you like this item, you might also like these)

Well, with all of the different models out there, I hope you’ve figured out what type of pill box would actually make your life easier.





And now, we also recommend a multifunction pill tablet powder grinder, because it is so convenient for dividing the medicines into parts, make the children and old people easy to swallow, portable and small so that enough can be keep in handbag or pocket, ideal for home and travel or any other outdoors activities. Just take a look at this one:

Pill cutter grinder case


  • Pill cutter grinder case with 3 in 1 multi-function specially designed for cutting the medicine or tablets.
  • Made of high quality ABS+PP material and stainless steel blade, which is non-toxic and safe, not contain BPA and no chemicals, so it’s harmless to the human body.
  • Roll the base can easily get powder, if the powder is not delicate enough, just twist a few more times.
  • The middle part of case was design for placing a 1 day’s pill container.
  • The stainless steel blade which is sharp, can easily to cut the medicine without hurting your hand.

Pill cutter grinder case

You can buy this item on Tinkleo, or Amazon

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