Seriously do the following multiple choice questions, just test your true side with the first feeling!

1. If there is a piece of land that can be used to build a holiday house, where would you choose?

a. Near the lake (8 points)

b. Close to the river (15 points)

c. In the mountains (6 points)

d. Forest (10 points)

2. What is the first thing to eat Western food?

a. Bread (6 points)

b. Meat (15 points)

c. Salad (6 points)

d. Beverage (6 points)

3. If you want to have a drink at the festival, how do you think it is most appropriate?

a. Christmas / Champagne (15 points)

b. New Year / Milk (6 points)

c. Valentine’s Day / Wine (1 point)

d. Independence Day / Whiskey (6 points)

4. When do you usually take a shower?

a. After dinner (10 points)

b. Before dinner (15 points)

c. After watching TV (6 points)

d. Before going to bed (8 points)

e. Get up in the morning to wash (3 points)

f. No specific time (6 points)

5. If you can turn into a glimpse of the sky, what do you want to be?

a. The sun (1 point)

b. Moon (1 point)

c. Stars (8 points)

d. Cloud (15 points)

6. Do you think that the word [love] written in a red pen is more representative of true love than a green pen?

a. Yes (1 point)

b. No (3 points)

7. If you are choosing the color of the curtain, would you choose…?

a. Red (15 points)

b. Blue (6 points)

c. Green (6 points)

d. white (8 points)

e. Yellow (1 point)

f. Orange (3 points)

g. black (1 point)

h. Purple (10 points)

8. Pick one of your favorite fruits!

a. Grapes (1 point)

b. Water pear (6 points)

c. Orange (8 points)

d. Banana (15 points)

e. Cherry (3 points)

f. Apple (10 points)

g. Grapefruit (8 points)

h. Cantaloupe (6 points)

i. Persimmon (3 points)

j. Papaya (10 points)

k. Pineapple (15 points)

9. If you are an animal, what color do you want to wear on your body?

a. Lion / Red Hair (15 points)

b. Cat / Blue Hair (6 points)

c. Elephant / Green Hair (1 point)

d. Fox / Yellow Hair (6 points)

10. Will you deliberately please your boss or friend for fame and fortune?

a. Yes (3 points)

b. No (1 point)

11. Do you think friends are more important than family members?

a. Yes (15 points)

b. No (6 points)

12. If you are a white butterfly, will you stop on the flower of that color?

a. Red (15 points)

b. Pink (8 points)

c. Yellow (3 points)

d. Purple (6 points)

13. What kind of TV show do you choose when the holiday is boring?

a variety show (10 points)

b. News program (15 points)

c. Serial (6 points)

d. Sports broadcast (15 points)

e. Movie Channel (10 points)

Test Results:

Add the scores after the options corresponding to each question, and the final result corresponds to the following cases.

100 points or more (positive & enthusiastic)

The personality is open and I feel that helping others is the foundation of happiness. Doing things is crisp and neat, sometimes over-excited, but with strong compassion, and unpredictable desire to be close to them. Because their resilience is very strong, we can easily feel a strong force of action. Being with them is like having a source of life. There is no idea to give up because they always hold optimism. Aggressive attitude.

100~90 points (leaders)

Do things slowly, like to think about precipitating thoughts, like to order others, hate other people’s resistance and questioned attitude, do not allow or allow themselves to lose to others. Love learning and want to be the best. When you fail to reach the target, you will be indifferent to sulking.

89~79 points (sense person)

Rich in expression and imaginative space, it is often sentimental and changeable. It is easy to indulge in romantic and sweet talk, and always expects and hurts love, often without a sense of ambiguity. Personality is indecisive, usually in disregard of reality, just follow the feelings, leaving people with no thoughts and thinking logic.

78~60 points (rational & calm)

I always think carefully about things, be cautious, calm, and willing to be an easy-to-compromise person. Sometimes I would rather suffer from public opinion and pressure than to talk to my friends because they always think that they can survive. Unbearable days, but in fact, this is just barely. They usually hate being tied, but they love freedom!

59~40 points (double & lonely)

Environmental factors will make you wonder how to express yourself, so you may have the habit of speaking people. In fact, when you love a lot of people, it sometimes only causes you to panic, but you will be wronged by the needs of reality. Cooperate with others. Usually will not be satisfied and frustrated, resulting in autism.

40 points or less (reality & self)

I like people who are very stimulating, and they are very motivated, and they are well-planned. Others are hard to speculate on you. You are full of ambitions for anything, just for your own use, and you want to highlight performance. Often seeking unparalleled dreams creates an unbalanced mentality, concealing oneself and deceiving others.

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