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Hi lovely people! Welcome to my living room slash dining room. It’s very autumnal.
I’ve seen a lot of You Tubers making videos about their make up cases, which is obviously a kind of brilliant idea and something that I am particularly interested in
Who doesn’t love a good snoop? I ruddy love one.
I wanted to make a video that was perhaps a bit more personal, a little bit more truthful. Here is something that is a bit more important, and kind of keeps me going.
Also, it’s more colourful and fun.
So, here is my pillbox. Can I just say, I got this pillbox from Amazon, and it’s possibly the best one I’ve ever had.
it’s all colour coded. and it matches my dress.
So, here are the variety of pills that keep me going.
in the mornings, I take these guys. This little one here is Gabapentin, which is an anti-epileptic medication, that stops the pain synapses in your brain from firing, so really no more pain, which can kind of sometimes be a bad thing, because then I’ve, like, torn my skin off and not noticed.
This one is super tiny, but quite important this is an antihistimene, because I am just allergic to the world.
I’m not kidding, I’m actually allergic to trees, and grass, and dogs, except for my dogs, which are hypoallergenic, Next is this massive white one, which is actually quite hard to swallow.
That’s L Glutamine, which is a protein building… basically I take a lot of it to build back my damaged stomach lining. But you can also take it if you are a body builder.

This one, yellow, smells a bit like eggs. Kind of gross. Is a B Complex. it’s good for you, it supports your metabolism and it reduces fatigue, tiredness, whatever. And then we’ve got this little guy which is a green tea extract
which is clearly not prescription, it’s from Holland & Barrett, And that is an antioxidant, well, I take a lot of pills. And, it’s supposed to stop colds and flu.

Next pills are the afternoon pills.
Gabapentin, again.
Fun fact, a boy in university once stole one of these from me. Took it, woke up two days later.
he had no memory of what had happened.
Don’t steal pills.
LGlutamine, again.
But they’re, you know, a muscle building thing, body building, it’s not really working out for me.
And evening primrose oil, because I’m a lady and I get very bad migraines when I have my period.
And then, we have the evening pills.
So, you’ve got LGlutamine. Again.
The eggy B Complex. Again.
Zinc, for my compromised immune system.
erm, again, to stop the colds iron, for formation of red blood cells, because my blood cell count is all off and weird.
Also, Haemoglobin, supposed to help with tiredness and fatigue and, vitamin D, because, hilariously sometimes I’m too ill to leave the house for three days.
And then bedtime. And this is Gabapentine, again.
LGlutamine, again.
And Amitriptyline, which comes in two different colours, amotryptaline is to relieve long term nerve pain, and it’s very good because if I don’t take it, I feel like spiders are crawling along my skin.
It’s incredibly painful and not nice.
Then Docusate to help my tummy, I also have an as required pill which is asumotryptin which is for migraines, I think it opens ther blood vessels in your brain, something like that, so the blood can move around faster.
No, slower.
Those are my pills, yay!
I’ve taken that many pills since I was about seventeen. I am very good at taking a large number of pills every single day.
Trick, if your’re really bad at taking pills, put the water in your mouth first, hold it there, tip the pills in, swallow as one.
My tip for the day, that the pill organizer benefits and how convenient can a pill box bring to you. I hope you liked this video.

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