For a woman, natural beauty is a kind of advantage, alive beautifully is a kind of ability.
French women are smart and beautiful. It is said that they have a way to cover up their shortcomings throughout their lives, and let their husbands praise them every day. And French women do not deliberately play hyaluronic acid on their faces, they admire living at their own age.
Hemingway said in his last book, A Moveable Feast, that if you were lucky enough to live in Paris when you were young, then you will be with you wherever you go, because Paris is a mobile feast.
And if you fell in love with a woman in Paris when you were young, you will probably enshrine her in your mind for the rest of your life.
It is said that after the French woman buy a dress home, the first thing is to cut the trademark with scissors. Because they always feel that clothes are for people, rather than people to use as a mobile hanger for brand names. What’s more interesting is that French women will tell you whether a thief in Paris will try to do you over depending on whether you are wearing enough local and charming.

Because in this city where all people are fashion idols, if they are not elegant enough, the thief will recognize at a glance that you are a wealthy visitor who is stupid and tasteless, it is inevitable to be targeted.
So how can we go out like a French woman?
Remember that you are not an opera singer, simple make-up is far superior to full make-up.
Former French First Lady Carla Bruni is very admired for light makeup, she always has a very faint makeup when accompanied her husband to attend event or appear on TV.
She also hates to get Botox. In fact, technology beauty is also a good means of self-improvement, as long as it is not too excessive to become a technology geek. Obviously, only calmly face your own imperfect, you will radiate a beautiful and Harmonious light all over your body.

Casual fashion is the best fashion
You want to be fashionable, to dress up well, to have good taste and aesthetics, don’t forget that France is the source of many major brands. However, no one must be able to tell you in bother dressing up. Force and deliberate forever and grace, try not to overdo it.
This is a bit difficult because it is not the same as what our society now respects. Most girls chase identity and direction is fine, look into every brushstroke painting delicate, armed themselves with the big-name extravagances, every detail must be senior and stress.
However, French elegance is a more grounded elegance, sometimes strictly speaking to isolate luxury. That is to prevent all the factors that make you not stretch and not be able to do yourself, so that it is really possible to have an elegant temperament radiating from the inside out, a sense of freedom that is not dragged by foreign objects. Only by getting rid of the secular success theory and the price tag, can we truly measure the beauty from an aesthetic point of view, and we can accumulate the tastes that people often say.
Focus on quality rather than pleasing, just do what you like.
Recently, I heard a classmate talk about one thing, she was born originally in a rich family, but suddenly one day the debt collector went to the door and trashed her apartment, her mother did not cry, picked up the debris and said to her: “Mom used to raise You like a princess, the good days are gone, but I still hope that you can proudly live like a princess!”
French women don’t do things they don’t like in order to please men, there are no stilettos, no pettiskirts, etc. Even the bra pads popular in lingerie stores all over the world, French girls are always very disgusted.

French girls rarely wear push-up bra. Even if they go to the nightclub. Once an American boy said: “In New York, women are wearing heavy makeup, perfect hairstyles, wearing high-heeled shoes, fully armed, and in Paris, women seem to be Inadvertently, wearing flat ballet shoes, hair draped in a mess. It seems that they don’t care about anyone.”.

Fitzgerald said: Paris women are the highest symbol of dreams and mystery for girls all over the world. In this world, the singer dances are endless, and the sounds of dogs and horses are endless. The saxophone played the “Bill Street Blues” in the night, and hundreds of pairs of gold and silver dance shoes kicked off the shiny dust. At the coffee break time, this low-sweet and sweet hit song is still echoing, and many fresh faces are like rose petals blown by the copper pipes on the ground, floating around in the dance hall.

And Parisian women have never joined such hypocritical and short-lived revelry.


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