Which character do you like most in Game of Thrones? I think Jon Snow is quite a man.

Think about it, I don’t seem to know what advantages he has in a moment.

Because he doesn’t seem to have any special features, he has been fighting for his own right and precious things. This advantage has been repeated in countless TV series. I am afraid everyone has already felt nothing about it.

As soon as I thought of it in Arya, there was always such a brother who knew she loved her.

Jon Snow said: “I must not violate the oath. If you want to tell me that my father died because of this, then let’s talk about it. But too many false promises make the promise no meaning, the world will have no truth, only more Exquisite lies. And lies are definitely not good for this war.”

I can’t help but like this role when I think of it.

Jon’s achievements seem to be the shining of the protagonist’s aura. In fact, this is because of his pursuit of honor and his commitment to commitment.

Jon is so uncharacteristic, Jon has made himself so uncharacteristically. It deserves to be appreciated by all of us who have no features.

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