To tie a hangman’s noose, first take a long rope and bend its last 2 feet into an “S” shape. Then, pass the extra rope at the end of the “S” shape under the “S”, then wrap it around and over the top and then down. Next, wrap the rope around the “S” 6 times and then pass the end of the rope through the bottom loop of the noose. Finally, pull the lasso to tighten it.
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A noose can be used as a scary yard decoration during Halloween or to improve your fishing or boating experience. If you’re using the noose for decoration, know the law before proceeding—some states consider displaying a noose to be threatening and have made it illegal. Do not tie a noose around your neck in any circumstances, even if it’s a joke. If you want to know how to make a noose, follow these steps.

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