Have you ever troubled with that?

  • Playing your cellphone or laptop for a long time easily make your neck pain.
  • Playing your cellphone or laptop without stand, it’s easy make your hands get cold injury.
  • It’s easy get near-sighted if your kids play cellphone or laptops in shouting distance for a long time.

I bought a tablet stand before. I thought that the previous stand was really cheap, but it was not very easy to use. It was not convenient to turn, and it had to be stuck in the bed or table.  And, most importantly, it is not strong enough to hold my tablet.

Now, here is a perfect solution: Let the floor stand help you out and enjoy the wonderful & leisure time together with your family!

For example, you can use it in the kitchen as a recipe holder, you can use it comfortably watch movies, videos, recipes, guitar spectrum etc, and you can use it as a Nintendo Switch mount when laying in bed with the controllers in hands.

What should we consider before buying a Tablet Phone Floor Stand?

▷▷High Compatibility
The clip is rotatable to change any visual angle for comfortability; compatible with most popular tablets and phones within 3.5-10.6 inch. So it is multi-purpose.

▷▷Adjustable & Extendable
With the 360 degree rotation and extended length, multi-angles and different height can be provided.

▷▷Free up Your Hands
Make it more comfortable to use your devices when laying on the bed or sitting on the couch, enjoy your leisure time with your hands released.

▷▷Metal Support Rod
High quality metal support rod, painting technology on the surface, makes it both beautiful and durable. And the multi-stage design, easy to disassemble and assemble.

▷▷Superior Metal Base
All-metal base with soft rubber pad, features stable, durable anti-slid, non-skid, and non-graze floor.

▷▷Scientific Design

Scientific load-bearing force analysis design to ensure each fulcrum force balance, make the whole bracket is more stable.

Extendable Hand-free Tablet Phone Floor Stand Compatible with Apple iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, Samsung Tab

Featured Extendable & Adjustable
Specially designed for 3.5 to 10.6 inch phone & tablet with flexibility and comfort, made of premium carbon steel and reinforced, which offers you best viewing angle by adjusting the height and position. Let the universal phone & tablet holder free up your hands and relieve your neck strain.


Get best viewing angle by a universal stand
The universal phone & tablet floor stand arm delivers the ultimate in flexibility, design and comfort. Now you can free your hand and position your phone & tablet in any position that provides the best viewing angle whatever you’re sitting or laying up.

Adjustable Universal Metal Floor Stand Fits for 4 inch to 11 inch

Products Specification:

Weight: 2.6 kg
Color: white; black

Material: Carbon Steel+ABS Rubber

Height: 1.4m; dimensions of metal base: 30cm x 20cm x 0.7cm

Compatibility: for tablets and phones within 3.5-10.6 inch

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