You will be surprised to find out how many people still rely solely on shark knives when chopping any type of food when there are many kitchen utensils to choose from. For example, with a food chopper, you can cut food more efficiently than using a knife, not to mention how fast the entire process is.

Safe to use and Multi-purpose food chopper are one of the most popular kitchen appliances available today and are understandable. Having said that, we have to point out that not all food chopper are manufactured to the same standards, which is why you want to do some research before buying.

Which kind of food chopper should we choose, manual or electric?

If it is a restaurant or a large-scale cut vegetables, it must be electric because it saves time and effort. If it is used at home, it is better to use manual, because the electric speed is very fast, the thickness is difficult to control at will. The last time I heard a dietitian said that electric power will destroy the nutrients of vegetables. So, it is recommended to use manual for health and nutrition considerations. Besides, manual food chopper is cheaper and environmentally friendly than electric food chopper. Also, there is a key advantage, when you go out on an outing with a baby, even if there is no electricity, you can also quickly make a hearty meal for your baby.

Let’s take a hot-selling manual Food Chopper as an example to see how the Food Chopper Processor Assists Your Cooking.

With the manual food chopper processor, much energy can be saved. Use the food chopper processor when you want to cook easily and efficiently. For example, you can use it to cut vegetables like Carrots, Onions, mushrooms, chop meats like beef, chicken, pork, fish, stir eggs, flour, cookies, cakes, make vegetable puree or fruit puree, mix condiments for food like soy bean, garlic, onion, ginger etc.

5 practical features in 1 food chopper processor, make your life more convenient and efficient.


Cutting vegetables like Carrots, Onions, mushrooms ect.


Chopping meats like beef, chicken, pork, fish ect.


Stirring eggs, flour, cookies, cakes ect.

separating egg white on the cover

Before stirring Separated the eggs white

making Vegetable puree or fruit puree

4.Complentary Foods

Making Vegetable puree or fruit puree for kids

5.Mixing Condiments

Mixing condiments for food like soy bean, garlic, onion, ginger ect.

5 Parts of the Design


402 Stainless Steel

Updated to sharp stainless steel blade makes your cooking efficient and convenient.


Inner rocker gear to make it energy-saving and durable


BPA free food grade thicken transparent bowl, enhances the speed of chopping.


With silicone anti-slip bottom, it can keep stable on the table


With solid and durable manual rocker handle, much energy can be saved.


There’s also a humanized design for separating egg white on the cover

Easy to use

1. Push the base to make the suctions absorb on the table, and install the container to fit these two parts together.

2. Put the blades into the container and fix it, then put the food you want to chop into the container.

3. Cover the lid and fix it.

4. Choose the proper gear and insert the handle into it, then start to stir.

BPA Free Multi-purpose Manual Food Chopper Processor for home and traveling use
5 in 1 Hand-operated Chop Meat Vegetables Fruit Processor
5 in 1 Hand-operated Chop Meat Vegetables Fruit Processor

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