Game of Thrones Season 7 is complete, we’re left wondering where things are headed for the final season, how will Game of Thrones end? Now, based on some clues from this past season and some things set up in the books and my general understanding of how stories are plotted based off of my own crazy writing, I got some hot predictions, and I don’t mean to brag, but right after season 6 ended, I did one of these predictions videos for season 7 which was surprisingly accurate. I’m gonna call it here. I predict that by the end of season 7 we’re gonna see the White Walkers tear down that wall in fact, I’ll go as far to say that it will be the closing image of the season. hey not bad wait just don’t show all the shit that I got wrong.

I think next season will show the completion of Arya’s Ark and her death. uh, can’t win them all with that said in case any of these educated shots in the dark, end up being dead on for season eight boiler warning. Okay, first a quick update on the timeline, unconfirmed reports are saying that season 8 will begin shooting in October, and last through August 2018 yikes that would mean the final season probably wouldn’t air until 2019, but that also means the scripts for season 8 almost certainly have not been written yet. Yes, the season has rumored to have been generally outlined at this point, but any leaked detailed plot summaries that claim to know who says what to whom in each scene are probably just fanfiction, either way, it sounds like season 8 will be composed of six episodes, maybe each being like an 80 minute movie, that’s a lot of stories, so let’s start with my first prediction of what will happen during that season, cities will burn and they’ll burn blue the night King, and it’s Dragon will continue on this path of destruction from the wall to lay waste to the major cities of Westeros. I mean guys that’s the promise the show made with these final images of season 7, the wall falling is like a dam bursting, nothing is safe, and yeah, the night King doesn’t have any of the moral conscience that Daenerys has, like he doesn’t need to win over the hearts and minds of Westeros, he could just go about killing and converting them, the old way now as for where he’ll go next past episodes have given us a few hints like this season 7 premiere if they breach the wall, the first two castles in that path are last path and car hole, now we’ve never seen last hearth and car hold on the show before, so I feel like seeing them get destroyed wouldn’t be too cathartic.

Game Of Thrones Season 8

I feel like with six episodes left they’re gonna spin that visual effects money on new key and some more familiar places, so actually, let’s look back at the last words that John spoke to Ed at Castle black, yeah, I think Castle black might actually be the night Kings next move beyond that things probably aren’t looking too good for Winterfell, but I don’t think it’ll go down without a fight, more on that later then also in season six, brands mysterious three-eyed raven visions included this shot of a dragon shadow over the roofs of King’s Landing, now every other image from that vision was accounted for and even if this was a shadow of Daenerys dragons, when she recently arrived at the dragon pit summit last episode, I think we would have seen this shot but we didn’t. so I think this shadow will end up belonging to the night Kings dragon as they destroyed King’s Landing, this show has been teasing us with an attack on King’s Landing since the beginning Stannis’s failed invasion, all the recent preparations for the siege, and I think the final act of Game of Thrones will turn this familiar sanctuary upside down.

I don’t like how the final battle of the Harry Potter series went down in the Hogwarts castle school that would turn the red keep into that Harrenhal like ruin that Daenerys saw on her vision in season 2, no, it wouldn’t look exactly like that, because remember Cersei replaced that seven-pointed star window with a Lannister lion and literal, but this is a general idea the other city I think might burn is Old Town Ebro sand, those other maesters seemed pretty arrogant about the threat of the White Walkers, and a Christian boy claims to have seen dead men on a much beyond the wall, thanks for the magical help of a raven with three eyes and archmaester ebro’s probably shouldn’t have places bet so firmly on the wall, the bull stood through a door every winter that ever came has ended now, in my past breakdowns, I pointed out how the citadel of Old Town might be inspired by the ancient Library of Alexandria, which famously burned along with countless sources of knowledge about the ancient world, so I think it could be really fun to shut up these old maesters with the shadow of the night dragon, kind of like those old men playing chess and independence day, if King’s Landing gets destroyed, what will that mean for Cersei, let’s actually move on to my next prediction, Cersei will end tragically after going back and forth on Cersei the ending of season six and season seven have pretty much stripped away all of Circe’s moral finery down to something simple and true, Cersei has no heart she’s Game of Thrones true human villain and actually considering how closely Sur sees life as follow the prophecy.

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