Daenerys, Jon, Tyrion, Defoss, Jorah, , Podrick, Hunting Dog, Missandei, Waris and Sean arrived in Winter City, and Dafoss found that he was winter when he left Jon It’s darker and colder. Jon and Arya (first time) reunited. Daenerys saw Sansa, and Sansa asked if she was jealous of Jon. Danny did not respond. Sansa was not happy with Joan’s return to the Wintertown and brought back Daenerys. Jon noticed this and had a cordial and friendly exchange with her. Sansa told Jon that the little finger had been executed and that the little finger was a traitor from beginning to end.
The lords of the North hated Daenerys and refused to call her the Queen. Despite the sensational and sensible persuasion of Daenerys, the lords of the North still did not appreciate. Lena Mormon tells Daenerys that she will never call Daenerys “Her Majesty” because there is only one king for her, and this king is the king of the North, Jon En Snow. Tyrion smiled, then he criticized Leah for being rude and Qola defended Lena. Jon stressed that there is no time to argue about these trivial things, and remind others that the Lannister family has not expressed their opinions. Sansa once again warned them that they couldn’t believe in Catherine, but Tyrion said they could trust James (although Danny seems to disagree with it).

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