Game of Thrones has given us a new look at a scene from season 8 the final season coming this April in folks. This teaser took up five seconds of HBO’s 2019 promo, that is two full seconds longer than the very first three-second clip that we got a few months ago, and at 24 frames per second, that’s 120 separate photographs is scrutinized for discreet wardrobe choices, and let’s break it all down and spoiler warning in case I get anything too right ruin your life.

Okay, after a shot from season 7 episode 4, there’s this overhead shot of a snow-covered Winterfell, you can see some encampments outside the city walls, now I’m not sure if this is an old shot or if this is a new shot from season 8, like I guess, these could be Dothraki camps, I don’t see any of Danny’s dragons though, whatever it is, we move on to this greeting between Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen. Now this looks like it’s taking place shortly after the shot that we saw in the first teaser with Sansa greeting John with some icy stare at someone over his shoulder, now we can presume that someone is indeed Daenerys but in this teaser, her tone has certainly softened, Winterfell is yours. okay. so this thing will take place early in episode 1 of the final season, maybe in the opening scene though.

I could also see the season opening with a pre-credits teaser, the way last season did with Arya at the twins, we know this from an Entertainment Weekly set visit which described the scene as full of callbacks to the show’s pilot episode and noticed us dance is greeting Dany the same way, her father Ned Stark greeted King Robert Baratheon 9 is. I am not seeing you where the hell have you been guarding the north for you your grace, Winterfell is yours. so by greeting Dany adds your grace Sansa is recognizing her as monarch not John who was kin to north last time they were together since is excepting for this moment at least that John bent the knee to Dany pledging his fealty to this Targaryen invader this is a big deal and it’s a surprising move by Sansa, because let’s not forget the last time she and John were together at Winterfell she urged him not to visit Dany, have you forgotten what happened to our grandfather the Mad King invited him to King’s Landing and roasted him alive. she is here to reclaim the Iron Thron and the Seven Kingdoms, the North is one of those Seven Kingdoms, this isn’t an invitation, it’s a practice, it as a Tris Targaryen, because Danny’s crazy father, the Mad King murdered their grandfather Rickard stark, a move that led the North to join Robert’s rebellion to destroy the Targaryen dynasty, and the North has always had a cold relationship with the Targaryen sever since their ancestor tauren Stark aka the king who knelt surrendered independence to Aegon the conquerer, a move that cost torrents reputation to the north, even if it saved them from inevitable destruction from a gods dragon balerion, so that distrust in Sansa, it’s probably the same stance that we saw in that frosty glare, but between then and now, I’m assuming that John will have told her something to reassure her this dragon woman save me, live up north of the wall, also she’s me opti and I whatever it was Santa’s cool headedness might be a tactic that she learned from Petyr Baelish of all people, I’m and she just sent it to the death.

In the previous episode thank you for all your many lessons Lord Baelish I will never forget them earlier in season seven Littlefinger imparted upon Sansa one very crucial lesson tried every battle everywhere always in your mind everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend, and that is exactly what sense is doing with this frenemy fighting the battle in her mind realizing there’s no sense and openly dissing a conqueror with two dragons to her face perhaps, she’s mentally aiming your grace at the man standing beside Danny, now as always the subtle expressions of other observers are also revealing behind Sansa Brienne of Tarth can be seen and her concern could suggest she’s anticipating conflict like I really don’t want to draw my sword, I’m a couple dragons and John looks similarly uneasy but somewhat relieved to see Sansa play nice like have sisters in incestuous girlfriends can be best friends. Right, I mean it’s interesting to see which escort Dany chooses upon her entrance to Winterfell like notice how the hand of the Queen.

Tyrion Lannister is nowhere in sight that’s some wise diplomacy considerin the North’s hatred and distrust of the Lannister family, instead joining her is Jorah Mormont son of the loyal northern house, Mormont currently led by young Lyanna Mormont years ago, remember Jorah was sentenced to death by Sansa’s father Ned for slave trading which is legal in Westeros stripping Jorah of his titles and forcing him into exile, but perhaps the hope is that given house where montz recent support of House Stark and jurors service to John and his mission north of the wall the complex of their father’s everything in the past now notice Danny is wearing the same white fur coat that we saw in episode 6 of last season Game of Thrones costume designer Michelle Clapton said that Danny’s wardrobe in season 7 was intended to reflect the look of her brother Viserys whom she killed, but she wanted to reconnect with her Targaryen family roots as she returned to their ancestral home of Dragonstone, and she essentially fulfilled her brother’s dream of invading Westeros, it’s sweet sort of and Danny switched from the color black to the color white reflected her heroic leap from black hat to white hat into danger to aid another person for the first time in her life at that moment, she became a warrior queen in the chain that you see across her clothes reflects that it’s a silver chain with three dragon heads forming the pin, and now there are some updates to her look first. you can now see what looks like a Targaryen crimson scarf underneath that white coat perhaps to bundle up from the cold more maybe to cover up some nephew nibbles yeah cribs all you want but you know you should feel gross about that now some are also looking at Daenerys his hair we previously discussed how her braid is a Dothraki Jayhawk, it’s a braid that is only cut to the warrior loses in battle an Easter hack has grown longer and more sophisticated throughout the seasons, you can notice now how Danny’s hair has been partially released to drape over her shoulders, but while we could read this as another diplomatic tactic by Dany like a more northern hairstyle to endear yourself to the northerners or what some are describing as a matronly look, folks, let’s remember Danny’s hair looked this way at the start of season 7, so chill and for anyone who says they can see a hint of a baby bump.

Guys, it’s pretty early like that incestuous both sexes would have just happened a few weeks earlier as John and Danny were in route to Winterfell granted the amount of time it takes to travel across Westeros constantly changes and Game of Thrones what some characters crawling at glacial paces others magically teleported hundreds of miles it’s Dainius Lee all depending on what the seasons narrative structure requires so sure maybe the flight time between white Harbor and Winterfell is a trimester and a half I say to send a call but here’s my question for you considering Daenerys at the end of season seven was more or less a mother losing her child the dragon bazarian do you think the final season will repeat this tragedy with Dany losing her human child or reverse it with a dream of spring with the birth of a healthy child that replaces the one she lost comment down below with your thoughts and follow the new rock stars on Twitter at new rock stars follow me on twitter and instagram at a vas and subscribe to new rock stars 4k medoras updates and breakdowns because guys, it’s gonna be a very big year for thrones I’m psyched to be talking about it again my life just isn’t complete without people tweeting me that the name is pronounced or yeah and not Arya look in America it’s Arya in her me own and gal get shit up are you hearing me friend.

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