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In the middle April of 2019, Tinkleo official considered planning a lucky draw and conducted the Lucky Spin campaign forthwith. Every feature was finished in early May and the Lucky Spin was formally launched online on 7th, May. Till now, many old and new Tinkleo members show their enjoyment and applause for high praise and cheers. We here are pleased to share the latest inside stats for your most reference. Good luck and enjoy it!


Since the Lucky Spin got online, there have been over 1000 members to join. Over 200 members have left about 500 comments at Lucky Spin page. It proves that all members love it and enjoy it.

Do learn up-to-date internal data on all aspects of Tinkleo Lucky Spin. Win biggest and most!

MEMBERS WONThere have been 10 winners since the Lucky Spin was online, more winners in the following days.
MEMBERS’ PRIZES SHIPPEDWinners are required to make a $0.01 payment within 7 days for prizes to collect address and better tracking. Currently 4 winners have made it and 5 top prizes have already been shipped.
MEMBER WON TWO PRIZES [email protected] is one of the most lucky winner who won 2 prizes in the 29th and 30th of May. He overall has spinned 17 days. Actually, the Lucky Spin runs the way “more spins, better wins”.
MEMBER SPINNED 30 DAYS [email protected] is also one of the most persistant member who has spinned 30 days totally. Thank him for his support and we hope he will win something big soon!
3 left / all 3 pcs
9 left / all 10 pcs
46 left / all 50 pcs
Rules & Policy

1) Everyone gets 1 free chance to try the lucky nine grid spin each day.

2) Log in to get 1 more chance to try your luck each day.

3) Share it on Facebook or Twitter to get 1 more chance each day.

4) Comment below to get 1 more chance each day.

5) Invite 3+ friends to join the lucky spin to get 1 more chance.

6) Make a purchase over $20 at to get 2 more chances.

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