On December 5th, the BRT Shuanglin North Branch Road, Chengdu Second Ring Road, Chengdu, the bus with the “First 5G Bus” on the display screen slowly entered, marking the official opening of China’s first 5G bus ring.

At 3 o’clock on the afternoon of December 5, the bus marked “First 5G Bus” on the display slowly entered the platform of the second ring BRT Shuanglin North Branch Road. The reporter experienced all kinds of wonderful 5G applications. The reporter wore VR glasses and saw the embarrassing pandas playing in the Wolong base through the 5G network. The bus slowly traveled at the same time, but did not feel any stagnation and delay.

China opened the first 5G bus


5G network real-time rate up to 2Gbps, a Blu-ray movie can be downloaded in a few seconds

On December 5th, the reporter became the first day of the 5G boutique ring line. “The peak rate of 5G is 10Gbps, which is 66 times that of 4G. It can support 16 channels of HD video at the same time.” In the second ring BRT Shuanglin North branch platform, telecom staff and telecom 5G robot “Little Five” introduced to you. And guide everyone to use the mobile phone to connect to the 5G network hotspot, experience the fun of speed Internet access.

On the bus with a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, the reporter saw that the real-time peak rate of the 5G network displayed on the screen reached 2375mbps, which is equivalent to the simultaneous download speed of 20 100M optical fibers. This means that a Blu-ray movie can be downloaded in just a few seconds.

Based on the high-speed 5G network, the telecom staff demonstrated a number of high-definition video, running smoothly, and using the magic mirror platform to connect with the IFS in Chunxi Road, respectively. Through the high-definition video live broadcast, you can see the most beautiful in Chengdu smoothly and smoothly. The crowds in the fashionable neighborhood are bustling. The reporter also wore VR glasses, and through the 5G network, using the VR panoramic camera head of Wolong, I saw the pandas in the home garden playing leisurely.

During the connection, although the bus has been on the road, it does not feel any stagnation and delay.

At present, due to the fact that 5G mobile phones are not yet popular, Telecom uses the 5G WI-FI hotspot technology for on-site experience. The on-site login name is “ChinaTelecom-5G” hotspot. After downloading, the download rate can reach 800mbps. The staff said that the telecom is in the field test. At 5G, the rate has reached 2.4G.


61 base stations “on duty” the first 5G bus for Chengdu citizens experience

In what form does the bus line operate? Can you guarantee a stable and high-speed network throughout the journey?

In response to the question, Li Zezhen, an engineer at the China Telecom Network Operations Center on the spot, told reporters that “compared with small-scale or experiential exhibitions in other cities, this time it has achieved 5G network coverage in the core area of ​​Chengdu.” He said that the 5G field that officially started today Commercial trials have realized the country’s largest 5G network based on independent networking, and at the same time realized the 28G covered high 5G first loop. It is worth noting that this is also the open experience for the public rather than the laboratory closed test environment. A 5G bus.

China opened the first 5G bus
Located in front of the express bus Shuanglin North Branch Station of the Second Ring Road, there are 16 mobile phones that simultaneously play HD video. The on-site telecom instructor said that all mobile video networks come from 5G base stations on the gantry of the viaduct directly in front of the platform. It can be seen that even if it is far away from the base station, 16 mobile phones do not appear to be stuck, achieving smooth HD video playback.

“There are 61 locations along the second ring of the base station like this.” Yang Yang, deputy general manager of Chengdu Telecom added.

It is reported that December 5 is the first day of the trial operation of the 5G bus. The citizens can then take the 5G bus and experience the high-speed network through the Chengdu Telecom public number reservation. Talking about the operation route of the future 5G bus, Yang Yang said that the relevant 5G equipment will be loaded in succession, and reasonable bus schedules will be arranged according to the number of reserved passengers.


Chengdu may be the first batch of 5G cities in China

Yang Yang said that China Telecom opened the first 5G base station in the province and established the first in China based on Chengdu’s first large-scale all-optical network city in China, China’s first Giga provincial capital city and a new generation of intelligent intelligent network. The carrier-grade 5G open laboratory built the first multi-base station 5G experimental network based on international standards in Southwest China. This time, the opening of China’s first 5G boutique ring line has opened a new chapter in Chengdu to create a 5G innovative city.
When 5G commercialization has always been the focus of attention from all walks of life, according to public information, let 5G enter the lives of the people, this is not the first attempt of China Telecom Sichuan Company. In August, China Telecom Sichuan Company opened the first one in Sichuan in Chengdu and the first multi-base station small-scale 5G experimental network based on international standards in western China. From 5G pilot cities to 5G test base stations to small-scale 5G experimental networks, Chengdu is accelerating the target process of 5G commercial use. As one of the first 5G pilot cities identified by China Development and Reform Commission, Chengdu has been closely following the pace of 5G development. With the accelerated application of 5G, Chengdu is expected to become the first 5G city in China.

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