Hi people, welcome to a very special edition of our review Game of Thrones on Hybrid Network in which we will take the time to dissect a theory which intrigues me particularly.

The fan base of Game of Thrones knows fans of theories very well.

Indeed, the huge sprawling series What is the Iron Throne holds more unique and wacky theories than in most saga adapted from books before it.

So you may have already heard of this theory especially in television where the end of season 7 is approaching with the threat of white marchers passing from the background to a very real immediate threat.

But come to the point: Is the king of the night really Bran Stark? This theory might seem completely crazy, but believe me I was there with you when I saw for the first time, some of you talk about it in the comments, and heard some rumors on Twitter and Facebook. And I know what you’re saying to yourself: It’s impossible. We saw the birth of king of the night in this flashback sequence, and the actor playing this scene is literally the king of the night so it’s clearly not Bran.

But as for any fan theory, the answer is not that easy. And this one is particularly complicated because of one thing and one.

Bran’s ability to go through time through his visions, and therefore alter the past by taking possession of people and animals.

Whatever the power and actions of Bran the time seems to be a closed loop in the world of Westeros. Bran so can not change much, no matter what his actions are all this that has already happened will happen whatever happens.

As the three-eyed bin had said: “The past has already been written, the ink is dry. “We also know the consequence of a Bran staying too long in the past.

On two different occasions, the three-eyed crow approaches the subject saying: Initially it’s a wonderful seabed but by staying too long we end up sinking “and a little after, in the following episode I believe: “Stay too long where you do not belong and you will never come back. ”

We have not yet seen the consequences of this testimony although mentioned several times by the three-eyed crow and by Jojen Reed.

However, let’s dive into the heart of theory, which presupposes overall that white walkers will cross the wall in the next episode or early next season by heading to Westeros with nothing to stop them, going as far as possible in the south towards Port Réal.

And because of the awakening of these deaths and chaos, and despite his desire to stay away as a three-eyed crow, Bran feels that it must act to prevent this threat.

That’s why he goes back in time. First of all, thanks to his visions, he goes back before the Great War, during the reign of Aerys 2 to convince him to better strengthen the kingdom approaching the army of the dead murmuring in the ear, as with Ned, but this time more slowly but surely.

These murmurs pushed Aerys to store Valerian fire but unfortunately, they were also the ones who made crazy crazy king, and allowed the events to continue as planned. And so Bran’s time travel only resulted in the same present that we know. Once again: “The ink is dry”. Then Bran returns completely backwards until the original war for the dawn, to see how the army of the dead had been repulsed the first time or, just, to stop the king of the night at that moment once and for all. But unfortunately, he fails a second time while fulfilling a parallel prophecy.

This prophecy saying that Bran and Bran the builder, the legendary builder of the wall from Winterfell are one and the same person. Information about which we had some clues in the book knowing that the builder was already a fantastic builder even being a simple child. Knowing in a strange way the way things were to be built. Oh, and there is also this image from the Game of Thrones extras dating I think of season 1 in 2012, which seems to show the builder overseeing the construction of the wall since a stretcher that leans slightly.

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