November 23 is the Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and the annual biggest purchase season will be kicked off. Thousands of consumers are already eagerly awaiting the most aggressive discounts for each business in a year. The survey shows that 150 million Americans plan to purchase large amounts during Thanksgiving this year.

At this great shopping opportunity, it is especially important to buy in the proper posture. If you haven’t done your research well, it’s easy to fall into the trap,  you will fail to pick up a bargain, and let yourself regret it!


★ 7 major websites

Black Friday (click to enter >>Black Friday 2018 Predictions) has a long history in the United States, so the Native Americans have rich experience in how to cope with this festival and how to optimize shopping. After browsing the major news and consulting websites and social media, I will offer you the most original Raiders in the United States. It may not be enough to see this post, but I will regret it if you don’t look at it! 1. The seven major websites focus on the ranked websites. U.S. News summarizes 7 websites that aggregate good deals and check prices. If you have a favorite product, but you are not sure whether the price is the best; or you want to buy a certain category of goods, but do not know which one is the best; or have a list of consumption but are too lazy to check the price, just want to have an email remind. Then be sure to register for these sites!

★ 5 major businesses

If you have a clear goal and know what you want to start, then the destination search on the above websites and apps is the most efficient and quick way to shop.

But if you don’t know what you want, just want to find bargains in this wave of shopping spree. Then strongly recommend these 5 major businesses: full of goods, full inventory, large discounts, just stroll around will make you satisfied with your satisfaction!

1. Amazon: In addition to the limited discounts that will be introduced every day, every 5 minutes will be released a variety of special flash purchases to allow customers to snap up, good things will be very fast, the most suitable for free time to sweep the goods. Sometimes I will encounter a terrible deal, and it’s time to battle finger speed!

2. Newegg: Black Friday Hot Sale has started, $10 off $100 or $25 off $200. Use coupon code “VCOBF15” and use Visa Checkout to checkout. This purchase of any electronic products and household appliances is almost the lowest price online. The dexterous little partner can buy computer accessories to assemble the computer himself, and it is so cheap to cry.

3. Bestbuy: Black Friday Discount Online Elite members have already rushed ahead of time. The store will be open at 5 pm on Thanksgiving Day at 1 am Black Friday, and will open at 8 am Black Friday. Have you found that every time the news report is queued for a deal or a fight to grab a deal, there is a Bestbuy figure? why? Cheap! iPad, Macbook, iPhone, all kinds of notebooks… all the products that are not discounted are all starting to be promoted!

4. Walmart: This retail giant has a lot of people every time in the Black Five. Because the goods are too full, the price is too low! From kids toys to large appliances, you can buy them when you go in. If you want to feel the festive atmosphere on Thanksgiving night and want to arbitrarily slap on it, here is your best choice. Buying snacks is also great~

5. Target: This is a high-end version of Walmart, suitable for shopping people with high brand and quality requirements. Every year, it has a tradition of buying apple products to send shopping cards, but it must be early! Xiaobian went for two years, and did not grab the favorite model and color every time.

I recommend everyone to pay attention to eBay’s Cyber ​​Monday deal. Many super-commercial products are provided by third parties. Like Amazon, they also release a batch every hour. Real-time attention is also likely to encounter a good deal in the millennium!

★ N points of attention

According to Times Weekly, the discounts offered by merchants are similar each year. Now, the buying spree in the Black Five store has faded. The reason is that the rapid growth of online shopping, on the other hand, the merchants have started a big discount early. According to the survey, 70% of consumers believe that Black Five is becoming less and less meaningful, because discounts are often available. So how to make more effective use of the shopping time of Black Five, there are a lot of places to pay attention to here! The following are tips for the major news websites in the United States to teach you, be sure to read them well, and have a good heart, and you won’t be confused when fighting!

“Business Insider”: The most common mistakes made by the Black Five: 1 does not write the shopping list; 2 add-on products buy at full price; 3 buy toys that are not popular; 4 choose the wrong time to go shopping; 5 open store credit card; 6 do not Price comparison software; 7 fear of missing the discount; 8 forgot “net one”. Have you made a few mistakes?

“CNET”: Why you shouldn’t go shopping in the Black Five: 1 Online discounts are the same as in the store; 2 Handy people are too crazy; 3 This is no longer an annual discount; 4 Black Five The discount is not necessarily the best; 5 the bloody family will be mixed, may have to line up long queues, and not necessarily buy what you want most. (If these are not the reasons to stop you, then hurry up and carry the rough hair!)

“The Teleragh”: How to be more “professional” in the Black Five? 1 Do an action plan; 2 Avoid network peaks; 3 Charge your phone; 4 Make a budget; 5 Check if the discount is really cost-effective; 6 Be careful about phishing information. How many of your checklists have you completed?

Forbes: The best 10 stores for Black Friday: 10 Office Depot and OfficeMax; 9 Fred Meyer; 8 Panasonic; 7 Kmart; 6 Macy’s; 5 Belk; 4 Groupon; 3 Stage; 2 Kohl’s;

“People”: Daren teaches you the “shopping fight” way of survival for Thanksgiving: 1 Don’t entangle the car in the nearest place to the store, find the most important parking space; 2 prepare snacks to supplement energy; 3 think what to eat , Sub and other convenient meals are best; 4 must have patience; 5 buy things quickly evacuated from the scene.

“Fashionista”: Four things you should know before shopping for Black Friday: 1 The best time to shop online is the weekend; 2 Find discounts on social media; 3 More and more stores choose to open on Thanksgiving Day; 4 Most online shoppers go to Amazon to buy things.

“The State”: The secret of the best Black Five: 1 find discount information; 2 shop around Friday; 3 check the best discount online; 4 use discount coupons; 5 see discounts on gift cards ;6 use the mobile phone; 7 use the “loyal customer” plan; 8 get cash back; 9 with credit card discount; 10 set price reminder.

“Naples Daily News”: A black five survival rule for a person: 1 Prepare a combat plan; 2 Teamwork; 3 Prepare a backup plan; 4 Find a real good discount, 20% off, buy 3 get one free, don’t worry 5; Understand the opening time of each store.

Forbes: Let the experts teach you how to live the Black Five! 1 Use Black Friday website to plan your purchase strategy; 2 wear light clothes to buy; 3 electronic products are the focus of purchase; 4 don’t buy clothes and accessories without six folds; 5 buy those brands that only discount in black five; Take action early; 7 Don’t just rush to shop in Black Five, TJMaxx, Marshalls stores may wish to go to Taotao.

Finally, remind everyone that there is risk in snapping up, and queues need to be cautious. Every year, in order to compete for dozens of knives in the mall and a hundred-knife mobile phone, the crazy shopping crowd will even break the head. In 2006, 41 people in the United States were injured by pepper spray when they snapped up. In 2008, someone was trampled to death because of over-purchasing. Be sure to grab the deal! meaning! Ann! all!

Ok, now everyone prepares the card and starts your shopping trip!

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