Hey everybody! welcome back to learning to be prepared. today I want to show you my over-the-counter medications that I like to keep on me, my every day carry over to counter medication bag if you will, here it is, this is what I like to keep on me, these are the over counter medications, so let me show you what’s in this bag well I got my flashlight, it’s always good to have your flashlight and
your medication bag, oh, and I have all my cables for my phones and everything, and oh well here’s my powder, my battery bank for all my electronics, and here’s some anti acids, and some ibuprofen.
Okay guys, I’m totally kidding, while I do keep these medications in my EDC or my everyday carry the point of this is to say that if you’re over-the-counter medication bag is so big that you
actually keep your EDC items in the medication bag, you might need to make some changes, so that’s what this video is about, today, I’m going to show you an item called the volca pill box that will
help you to keep your pills inside your EDC bag not the other way around so stambha stand by and we’ll be right back with that pill box.

Okay guys, so here we are, this is the Fulco pill box, this little box it costs approximately six dollars on Amazon, and what it is, is it has a little latch right here and if you pop that open the top folds over and this those over like this. so you get kind of a trifold pill box, now this cost about six dollars and it had free shipping, and I believe it came all the
way from China, but it actually arrived in about two to three days, so I was really impressed with that inside my EDC bag.

Video Transcription

I like to keep some over-the-counter medications that I might come across the need for when I’m at work, or when I’m out and about I keep some usually store-brand that way, when I need to
replace these because I don’t take them very often, but these are only about two to three dollars a box for these different items, so it’s very affordable to keep these things on me, and yet also
affordable to change them out periodically as I need to, so I like to keep a little bit of stomach relief which is kind of pepto-bismol. I like to keep some anti-diarrhea I keep Costco brand Tylenol keep some equate ibuprofen and I’m probably mispronouncing these words, I keep some allergy relief some antacids some gas relief, and I believe I bought a little bit of anti diarrhea or laxatives rather as well. but I don’t know where I’ll put the laxative type product, but you never know when you’re gonna be out and about, and if there’s an emergency and something happens a lot of these items will come in pretty handy, so you don’t want to carry these big items inside your pack, so that’s where I wanted to give this a shot over on the channel called doc, oh that’s the word doc with a space and then the letter O he’s a medical doctor, and he keeps one of these in his, I believe it’s his booboo kit and he really recommended this for me, so I wanted to show you how I did it when you pop this little latch here, the first thing you turn over is this one here I actually cut the label off the bottle, because I could peel the little sticker off and I stuck it right on top here or the allergy relief and these just had the little things, you just open them up like that and then you close them, they snap shut on this side you have for those in these two, I kept a pepto-bismol individually-wrapped but I was still able to put about three in each one of these little pockets.

The next part is this orange piece which folds down and it is one large compartment, so inside there I put my antacids then if you turn it around a little bit, on this side you have three slots for your pills, I put in here like might on all in advil, and over here, I took one of those sheets of pills apart, and I cut them down just a little bit to where I could try to fit them in here, I’m not sure if I’m gonna keep them individually wrapped like this, or if I’m gonna go back and take them out, because as you can see, if you don’t cut them right, it can be kind of hard to get them to finish just right. so, for now, I’m gonna take that one out so this would close a little bit easier now, but for the most part you have a little bit of flexibility if you want to just put individual pills in here, or if you want
to cut down some of those tin foil type packs and just fit them in here the best that you can, but what I like about this if you’re ever seeing the little peel daily pill boxes, they’re usually like a teal green and you buy them at Walmart for a few bucks. but it’s it’s just a little rectangle and it just has all these little flip tabs that you flip up, but those little flip tabs I feel can come undone especially after using them over and over, so with these what I like is that when you close this up each compartment that has those little flip tabs they’re all secured by this one fastener, so this isn’t going to come undone in your pack or it shouldn’t come in very easily and spilled all over the place, it would be much more difficult for this to come undone for it to open up all the way up, and then expose these.

So I think it’s a very spill proof type case, and that’s a really nice clip on there too, it’s got a good catch and it’s not coming open. so, guys, this is the Fulco pill kit, and it’s about six dollars with free shipping on Amazon, at least where I got this, there’s two or three different places to get these on Amazon, it’s at least two to three different places, and like I said, it actually shipped been about two to three days maybe four at the max, which I was pretty impressed $6 no shipping. Also, you can buy it on Tinkleo.com, it’s only $1.06.

folca pill box
Folca Pill Box

And this can be used in any of your packs obviously, or if you’re a young lady and you carry your purse throw it in there a couple quick recommendations I would just say before I end the video is number one if it shakes a little bit too much for you, and it’s a little bit too noisy just take a little cotton ball and either pack just a little bit of cotton into sections that rattle, or maybe you could just add a few extra pills to tighten the little section up that’s rattling, also, I’m only recommending over-the-counter products, because from what I understand, if you have prescription medications you want to keep them in a properly labeled prescription bottle, that’s at least what my understanding is, I could be wrong, but for me I just want to be safe and keep only over-the-counter items in here, so they don’t Renda – any problems with anybody here approaches me to ask me what’s in here.

Okay guys, well I hope you enjoyed this again the name is spoke folsee a just type that in online and you should be able to find it okay guys have a great day!

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