At the beginning of the new year, people often set goals and plans for themselves, and hope to make changes in the new year.

New Year’s resolution is a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year.

The international research agency YouGov Poll once conducted a survey of people’s New Year’s resolutions. Lose weight, Get fitter and Eat more healthily ranked the top three.

But planning always seems easier than execution. Follow-up surveys show that most people give up within a month after they write down their goals on their resolution list.

People are always eager to immediately get rid of their bad habits that most difficult to overcome, such as staying up late, smoking, gluttony… But the more perseverance they spend on resisting temptation, the harder it is to stick to the plan.

The more willpower it takes to skip the afternoon cookie break, the less you’ll have left to help you stick to your resolution to hit the gym that evening.

Is there any way to keep our New Year’s resolutions from becoming “New Year’s wishes”? Psychologists who study procrastination and goal pursuit offer the following suggestions.

Get specific with your goals

Desire is abstract, but a good goal should be more specific and clear, which can reduce resistance to our actions. For example, “I want to lose weight” and “I want to be healthy” should be replaced by “do a set of Aerobics for 20 minutes after getting up every day”.


We’re vague and general: “I’m going to eat healthy” or “I’m going to learn Spanish.” Even if we have strong positive motivations toward doing these things, a loose statement of intention like that is likely to leave us floundering when it comes to everyday choices.


Focus on small, daily effort

It is easy for people to fall into such a trap. They think that if they want to do something, they must be fully committed immediately; If they want to master a skill, the “100,000 hours theory” is necessary, and finally give up before starting. In fact, incorporating your plan into a little change every day will eventually bring you amazing changes.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that to make lasting and impactful changes, we must dive into something head first and dedicate a part of our lives to it. However, small habits are much easier to grow and become big changes in our life.

Don’t rely on others

to get you where you’re going

Don’t rely on others to execute the plan. If you want to persist in running in the morning every day, don’t let others wake you up. Once he is away, we will have an excuse for inaction.

In fact, relying too heavily on a pal or family member to get you to do something can actually decrease your motivation to work toward your goals, a study in Psychological Science found. Without any motivation to hit the treadmill on your own, you and the snooze button will become BFFs.

Stick with what works

Today is very hard, tomorrow is very hard, the day after tomorrow may be very successful, but most people die tomorrow night. People are most likely to take things lightly when it comes to initial results. At this time, we should focus on the results we have achieved and stick to them firmly.

“Once your behavior starts to feel routine, it’s easy to assume you have this in the bag and can let down your guard,” the psychologist says. “But that’s when you become vulnerable to missteps.” You may think that because you haven’t smoked in more than two months, you can lift your ban on going out with friends who do. But those techniques were crucial to your success up to this point, and taking them away can dissolve your resolve.

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