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All in One Pill Crusher Grinder Splitter


The 3 in 1 pill cutter is the testing object(blue color). It has 4 colors that is yellow, green, blue and gray, which is soft and elegant, giving you a comfortable and relaxed feeling. The overall material is ABS & AS, so it’s compact and lightweight, which can be fully grasped by one hand. So it can be fully taken on your bags or pockets without taking space

From the appearance, this small medicine box can be divided into 4 layers, but after opening you can see, a white partition medicine box can be taken out from the middle layer. And after taking out the white partition box, the blue grind medicine pestle also can be used as small water cup.

And about the top and bottom later is the main function part–CUT & CRUSH. Let’s see its practicability in the following paragraph.


Using Experience

Firstly, try the first layer of the cutting cover. The “V” shape of the groove cutting slot is designed to fix the tablets. A cutting blade stands upright in the cover, so we must be away from kids in the use and storage

We had tried to cut 2 two tablets in different sizes and shapes. After the lid was closed, the tablet was easily split into two by pressing.

The whole process of cutting is very convenient and fast, even a girl can easily be done. And because of the v-shaped cutting slot, any shape of pills and tablets can be firmly fixed without the problem of dividing the pill into two different sizes. But there are also some shortcomings, because the plastic material is relatively fragile, after repeated use, the lid and the base of the connection may appear loose phenomenon, thus affecting the subsequent use. In addition, the blade should be cleaned after cutting the tablets to avoid corrosion and wear of the blade.

Then look at the grinding box at the bottom, the semicircular convex shaped grinding rod can be repeatedly tightened to grind pills or tablets. And the more it’s repeated, the more finely it’s ground. As you can see, it is very convenient to operate, and the powder is collected together by the bottom cover. The powder also very exquisite when touch with the hand, without what grain feeling.

However, in the test, when poured out the powder, there was be a lot of powder still attached to the bottom cover, we need to keep shaking or beating to pour out most of the powder. Finally there was still be some powder left in the gap between the cover and the rotating thread, so it was a little trouble to clean it up.

In addition, it’s better to keep the powder crusher upright when grinding, because if you tilt the pill crusher, the powder will be easy to scatter everywhere.

As for the middle compartment, there is nothing to say, it can be stored the pills or tablets that has been cut out or you prepare to eat,  so it’s convenient for traveling to feed your baby. The pill box can hold about ten vitamin C tablets.

In a word, this portable cutting and grinding pill box is quite good in functionality, at least the experience of cutting and grinding medicine is excellent.

On the one hand, a small box not only can hold medicine and cut medicine grinding medicine, also can hold water. It can be said to be “small but complete.” It’s a lot quicker and easier to handle than using a knife or pestle.

One the other hand, there are some troubles in cleaning it up and the material maybe not durable as description


Application Suggestion

  1. Made from ABS & AS plastic material, not suitable for boiling water cooking disinfection, because it will release hazardous gas acrylonitrile and butadiene.
  2. Remember to clean up in time after use, so as not to affect the service life of the blade and avoid the “pollution” of the next
  3. Some pillsor tablets will have a sharp cut, so you can blunt the edges a bit before giving them to your child
  4. Not all medications need tocut or ground, such as enteric-coated tablets, so be sure to ask your pharmacist or read the directions before taking the medication.


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