Are you or your family sometimes taking pills?  But as you know, it is not easy for the elderly and children to swallow a pill. At this time, you need a pill crusher grinder which can easily help you to dividing the medicines into parts.

Top products presents, our pick for the top 9 pill crushers. For this review, we chose 9 brands known for quality pill crushers, showcasing a variety of options that are available.

Top 9 Pill Crusher Grinder

Before you decide easy way presents the six best pill crusher. let’s get started with the list at number 9.

NO 9.Durable Plastic Grind Crush

Price: $10.52

From Walmart

Durable Plastic Grind Crush



  • Crusher creates a fine powder which can easily be consumed with liquids.
  • Storage area under cap allows you to take your medication with you.
  • Measures approximately 3″ x 1.875″.
  • Easily break down pills with this pill crusher tablet grinder featuring a portable, compact crusher made of durable plastic in an ergonomic triangular design
  • With an anti-slip grip that allows for easy handling.


NO 8.Pill and Tablet Crusher, Grinder, Splitter

Price: $5.86

From eBay

Pill and Tablet Crusher, Grinder, Splitter



  • Crush pills or tablets into powder effortlessly by  simply twisting the easy grip top.
  • Safe and convenient way to make pills easier to  swallow.
  • Perfect for a variety of medication ranging in  shape and size.
  • Includes a clear crushing chamber and bottom split  storage compartment.
  • Sold individually, constructed of heavy-duty  plastic, easy to clean.


NO 7.Ezy Dose Ezy Crush Pill Crusher

Price: $10.52

From Amazon


Ezy Dose Ezy Crush Pill Crusher



  • This Ezy Dose Ezy Crush Pill Crusher features an ergonomic design to easily crush pills using leverage for more crushing power with less effort.
  • Perfect for those with dexterity issues or weakness in the hands.
  • It has a built-in storage compartment and a clear bottom to view pill being crushed.
  • Ezy Dose is the leader in innovative easy-to-use medication management products.
  • From pill cutters, pill crushers and a full line of easy fill products, to calibrated medicines spoons, portable pill containers and droppers. Ezy Dose products make living healthier simply easier.


NO 6.Portable Tablet Crushed Box Pill Cutter


Price: $10.93

From AliExpress

Portable Tablet Crushed Box Pill Cutter



  • Multifunction – a multifunctional medicine box with 3 functions of cutting, grinding and storaging
  • Pill crusher – put the sliced pills in the bottom box, and then rotate and tighten box to grind the pills into powder
  • Healthy -made of premium ps material, bpa free, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and no smell
  • Pill divider – v-shape design for the maintainer in the top cutting box, fix the pill perfectly, and you can easily cut the pill by closing the lid


NO 5.Bidear Pill Crusher Grinder Splitter

Price: $12.99

From Amazon

Bidear Pill Crusher Grinder Splitter



  • Made of good quality material-ABS & AS, blade
  • Ideal for traveling, daily use or any other outdoors activities
  • Pill cutter/splitter is convenient to help you divide tablets to few parts
  • Roll the base can easily get powder, if the powder is not delicate enough, just twist a few more times
  • The middle part of case was design for placing a 1 day’s pill container that have two compartments which can make your pills tidy


NO 4.Cartoon Tablet Crusher for Kids

Price: $ 2.35

Fron Tinkleo

Cartoon Tablet Crusher for Kids



  • Cute Appearance,especially for kids.
  • Buit To Last: this pill crusher is easy to clean and has a high quality design that is made for repeated use
  • Grips for easy crushing: crush tablets by twisting the top of this attractive clear pill crusher. It’s a fast and safe way to make your pills easier to swallow.
  • Pill Storage: small compartments for storing cutting pills or 1-day dose pills, works perfectly for traveling people or workers.
  • Durable and lightweight: portable and small enough to keep in handbag.


NO 3.Multi-Function 3 IN 1 Tablet Cutter Crusher

Price: $ 3.04

From Tinkleo

pill crusher




  • HEALTHY: made of food grade PP material, BPA free,non-toxic and no smell.
  • PORTABLE: medium size and lightweight for travel convenience.
  • LARGE STORAGE COMPARTMENT: this portable pill chopper comes with an ultra large compartment that is perfect to hold your tablets and other medication.
  • 3 IN 1 Multi-Function: tablet Splitter And Medication Crusher Will Pulverize Your Medication Into A Powder Safely. Stores Daily Used Tablets In The Storage Compartment For Later.


NO 2.Pill Crusher Cutter Splitter Grinder – [3 in 1]

Price: $9.99

From Amazon

Pill Crusher Cutter Splitter Grinder - [3 in 1]



  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: While some other 3-in-1 pill splitter cutter does not work well crushing your pills, our professional pill crusher grinder effectively cuts and splits any size of pill to take all the stress out of your pills dosage.
  • PRECISE CUT: This pill cutter divider for small or large pills comes with a stainless-steel blade to cut your pill in half smoothly. This pill cutter splitter allows to have equal doses of medication.
  • EASY GRINDING: Our pill grinder crusher will grind your tablet into powder in 30 seconds. The portable handheld design of this pill breaker slicer makes it easy for people of all ages to grip.
  • LARGE STORAGE COMPARTMENT: This portable pill chopper comes with an ultra large compartment that is perfect to hold your pills, tablets and other medication.
  • BPA-FREE, FDA APPROVED PLASTIC: This 4-way pill crusher pulverizer is made of durable medical plastic. The high quality construction makes it valuable than other cutters and crushers.


NO 1.Pill Mill Pill Crusher

Price: $25.99

From Amazon

Pill Mill Pill Crusher



  • Easy and fast to use – the high quality ceramic burrs crush pills with ease into a fine powder that is easy to consume.
  • Specially designed curved elongated crank – this feature of our pill grinder allows the user to operate it with minimal effort, since the elongated crank is designed to increase torque thus reducing the force necessary to crush your pills.
  • Durable and lightweight – the outer shell and the lever are made from stainless steel metal that is very strong, but at the same time lightweight.. this makes the tablet crusher long-lasting and perfect for travel.
  • Crushes multiple pills – the crusher is designed to easily crush many pills, so no matter how big your daily intake is you will be able to crush it in one go. it is capable of crushing many pill sizes. large pills have to be split first.


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