Take notes! These products are guaranteed to make your life easier after weight loss surgery.


spiralizer.pngA spiralizer makes “noodles” out of squash, zucchini, cucumbers and other vegetables. You’ll never miss carb-heavy noodles again! Several inexpensive handheld options are available at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart or Sur la Table.

2.Sugar-Free Syrups

davinci.pngDaily protein supplements are a necessary part of life after weight loss surgery—but let’s face it…they can get a little boring. One easy way to change up the flavor of your protein powder is to add sugar-free syrups! Companies like Torani® or DaVinci Gourmet  make great sugar-free flavored syrups that come in seemingly endless flavors like caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, peppermint paddy and more. Note: Syrups are made from Splenda or sucralose, which some bariatric patients don’t tolerate well.

3.Pill Organizers

Set yourself up for success by planning out your daily supplements in advance. It takes only a few minutes and will help keep you on track with your vitamin and mineral routine.

31457d8f-fbf8-4172-86e4-77a5c8daa6c4Try this  7-day weekly pill organizer:

5c93f8fa161d48fea3e246b8172b13bf_400X400Or, If you are worried that you will forget to take your medication on time, you can use the Digital Pill Box with reminder function.

4.Walden Farms Calorie-Free Condiments

walden-farms.pngWalden Farms products have no calories, fat, carbs, gluten or sugar. Their dressings come in almost any flavor you could dream of and are the perfect addition to your salad or lettuce wrap. They also make no-calorie syrups, flavored mayo and more. You can find Walden Farms products online or at many local grocery stores like Fred Meyer or Albertsons.

5.PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

pb2.pngMade by Bell Plantation, this powdered peanut butter substitute is a great alternative to traditional peanut butter which is high in calories (190 calories in a 2 tablespoon serving) and saturated fat (3 grams per serving). PB2 has only 45 calories and 0 grams of saturated fat—with all the flavor of traditional peanut butter. Try adding a scoop to your yogurt or protein shake for an added boost of flavor and protein (5 grams in each serving)! PB2 is sold online and at most grocery and health food stores.

6.Blender Bottles

blender-bottle.pngIf you’re on-the-go, put a scoop of protein powder in a blender bottle and throw it in your bag. When you start to feel hungry, mix in a few ounces of water and shake it up. No more excuses for missing your protein! BlenderBottle® has a new product the ProStak™  with compartments to hold extra protein powder, snacks (a handful of almonds would fit perfectly) or pills.

7.Bento Box Lunch Containers

eb617f11-ed6a-4465-b8bf-0b556f75d526These handy containers take the guesswork out of portion control. Great for packed lunches and snacks on-the-go! We really like the wide array of options available at Bento Lunch Boxes.


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