Pinterest works a bit differently from other social media sites. Instead of simply putting up individual posts (known as pins), pinners create boards. Those boards allow them to sort and organize their pins based on subject matter. Pinterest users can follow a single board created by Pinterest Influencer or follower the pinner’s profile. Rather than generating original content, Pinterest thrives on sharing links and compelling imagery sourced from all over the Internet. So, it’s no wonder today’s top Pinterest Influencers curate some of the top Pinterest boards that feature everything from beauty to interior design, recipes to motivational words of wisdom.

Take a look at the top Pinterest boards from the top Pinterest influencers.

Maryann Rizzo Top Pinterest BoardMaryann Rizzo – Everything

Her top Pinterest board is “Everything,” which has more than four million followers and serves as a hold-all for pins she’s yet to categorize.

Things to make Top Pinterest BoardBekka Palmer – Things to Make

Bekka Palmer is a Brooklyn-based photographer and top Pinterest influencer with more than 8.5 million followers. True to Pinterest’s reputation as a haven for DIYers, one of her top Pinterest boards is “Things to Make,” which has almost seven million followers and is full of more lists than you could check off in a lifetime.

PoppyTalk Top Pinterest BoardsPoppytalk – Entertaining and Fun

Vancouver-based lifestyle bloggers and Pinterest influencers Poppytalk have more than 8 million followers. Their top Pinterest board is “Entertaining and Fun,” which has more than four million followers and contains pins that link to recipes, cute decorating ideas, and party planning tips.

Jane Wang Top Pinterest BoardsJane Wang – Delicious

Jane Wang isn’t actually a chin-strap penguin, despite what her Pinterest profile says. Instead, with more than 7 million followers, the top Pinterest influencer is one of the platform’s most top influencers. Her top Pinterest board is “Delicious,” which has 6.9 million followers and mouth-watering pins.

Living Spaces Top Pinterest BoardBonnie Tsang – Living Spaces

Bonnie Tsang is a lifestyle and editorial photographer and top Pinterest influencer with just over seven million followers. Her board, “Living Spaces,” is one of top Pinterest boards focused on interior design, with 3.5 million followers. The board is full of pins that depict breathtaking living rooms and great design ideas.

Molly Pickering Top Pinterest BoardMolly Pickering – Fashion Your Seat Belts

Top Pinterest beauty influencer Molly Pickering has more than 6.5 million followers. One of her top Pinterest boards is “Fashion Your Seat Belts,” which has more than 3 million followers and over 3,000 fashion-focused pins.

Lovely Living Top Pinterest BoardsPejper / anna k – Lovely Living

Pejper is a Swedish lifestyle blog and popular Pinterest influencer with nearly 7 million followers. Its “Lovely Living” board is one of the platform’s top boards, with over 3 million followers and plenty of pictures of awe-inspiring interiors.

Honestly WTF Top Pinterest BoardHonestlyWTF – DIY

HonestlyWTF is a Pinterest influencer curated by two Californian bloggers. The account has almost six million followers, and one of its top Pinterest boards, “DIY,” has nearly 2.5 million followers, plus lots of fun, helpful tutorials and how-to pins.

Christine Martinez Loya Top Pinterest BoardChristine Martinez Loya – Words to Live By

Pinterest Influencer Christine Martinze Loya is a former interior designer who’s made a career out of social media. She has more than 5 million followers on Pinterest, many of whom are there to check out her “Words to Live By” board, which has more than 4.5 million followers and is full of inspirational quotes.

Kathy's Little Things Top Pinterest Boardbaixunspider ’s Kitchen Time – Recipes & Gadgets

Spider White’s Little Things is a recipes, gadgets and crafts account with more than 4.5 million followers. The “recipes” board is one of the most popular, with 4.49 million followers and plenty of links to easy, tasty meal ideas.

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