1. Failure is not horrible. What’s horrible is that you believe this.

2. You think the rich are happy? No, the way they’re happy is beyond your imagination.

3. You have chicken soup for the soul, because someone else already ate the chicken.

4. All roads lead to Rome. Yet, some people have been living there ever since they were born.

5. Don’t be discouraged, life is full of ups and downs, and all the downs after those downs.

6. Some people come to you in your life to make you know that you are such an easy target.

7. What makes one even lonelier than having chafingdish alone? That you can’t even afford the chafingdish.

8. If you don’t try, how can you know what it feels like to be desperate?

9. There has to be real friendship between boys and girls.
Because every girl I know told me that we could only be friends.

10. Bill Gates became the richest man by dropping out of school and starting his own business. But the school he dropped out is Harvard.

11. Don’t photoshop yourself again and again. We know you look ugly in reality.

12. You can’t buy happiness with money, Because you don’t have money.

13. The worst nightmare is that you achieve nothing in your life and manage to believe it’s a blessing to be common.

14. Some people seem to have everything. In fact, they do have everything.

15. Tired of being fat and ugly? Then go to the gym. Just be ugly!

16. You can’t wake up someone who doesn’t want to text you back. But money can.

17. Though you’re single, you occupy twice the space.

18. A good girl has good reputation. A pretty girl has everything.

19. A girl who laughs a lot usually has fortune on her side. Seriously, I don’t know how someone can manage to laugh if she got screwed by life.

20. With such limited knowledge of brands, I can’t even recognize when some people show off their wealth.

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