When you’re going out for a business trip or travel, there are too many things to prepare, especially for those who need to take regular medications, travel can really disrupt your medication management. How to ensure that you can take drugs on time and accurately is a headache.

Pill dispensers are affordable and effective medication management solutions that are designed to improve medication adherence to levels over 90%. So, whether you have a health issue, or you just take supplements for health and wellness, a pill organizer is a great way to stay on top of your daily dosages.

Today, let’s discuss some of the best travel pill organizers, Whether you travel a lot or a little, one of these may be the best pill organizer for your next trip.

How can a travel pill organizer help you?

Managing your medications is extremely important to the success of any prescription – especially if you suffer from chronic pain or have many medications to take every day. It can seem overwhelming and it can be difficult to remember when to take pills or even if you’ve taken them.

A pill organizer helps you manage your medications: from when to take them, to how many to take, even helping you remember if you’ve already taken them. The best pill organizers fit your specific needs; there is no one-size fit’s all when it comes to pill organizers.

How to find the best travel pill organizers for you?

When selecting a pill organizer, consider the following:

  • Your schedule: How often do you need to take pills? Do you take it multiple times a day?
  • Your medications: How big or small are the pills? How many do you take and how frequently? Can they be taken together?
  • Safety: Since we are talking about storage of medical consumable items, storing them safely is obviously a very important consideration.
  • Features and quality: No two pill organizers will be the same. Is quality important to you? Are there any features that are important to you? What are you willing to pay?

The list below is not completely comprehensive but contains a great mix of the best pill organizers 2019 to fit a variety of circumstances.

What are the best weekly pill organizers?

The most common way to manage your medication is using a weekly organizer. You can find a variety of styles and prices in this category, and one of these weekly organizers may become the perfect pill organizer for you.

1. Weekly Transparent 6 Slots Sealed Pill Box


Consider this one if: You have a few pills to take once a day, and manage your pills on a weekly schedule

Features: Large, see-through pill containers, elegant, easy to open, locking mechanism

What users review: “Perfect size for my vitamins. I take different supplements and they all fit!”

Price: $7.27

Average review: 4.2 stars

2. 28 Compartments Detachable 7-Day Pill Organizer

28 Compartments Detachable 7-day Pill Organizer

Consider this item if: you have variety of pills to take 4 times a day or at specific different times, like with breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Features: color-coded see-through compartments, 4 times a day, contoured design for easy opening

What users review: “These are the best I have found for keeping pills organized for whole week.”

Price: $5.54

Average review: 4.3 stars

3. Colorful Weekly Separate Pill Organizer

Colorful Weekly Separate Pill Case

Consider this item if: you have a few pills to take twice a day, manage your pills on a weekly schedule, and want something a little more colorful

Features: BPA-free, multiple colors, detectable, portable

What users think: “Looks lovely and it opens easily and fits all my medications.”

Price: $3.63

Average review: 4.5 stars

The best monthly pill organizers

Sometimes its necessary to manage medication on a larger scale. For those who in need of a monthly pill organizer, take gander through the list below as one of these may be perfect for you.

4. Keyboard Model Monthly Pill Organizer

Keyboard Model Monthly Pill Organizer

Consider this item if: you need to manage your medications monthly, needs to take pills everyday

Features: daily portable pill containers, 31 compartment, large capacity

What users review: “This is great! I fill it the first of the month and I don’t have to think about it for a whole month!”

Price: $8.22

Average review: 4.8 stars

5. Germany Style Monthly Day Pill Organizer

Germany Style monthly Pill Case

Consider this item if: you need to manage your pills monthly, you have pills that need to be taken one time per day, and you sometimes have trouble remembering if you’ve taken your pills for the day

Features: 28 days, sweet color, portable

What users think: “It keeps pills organized, on track for each day, and loves that she only has to refill it once a month!”

Price: $26.17

Average review: 4.1 stars

The best portable travel pill organizers

With so much to do and see, travel can really disrupt your medication management. Whether you travel a lot or a little, one of these may be the best for your next trip.

6. Portable Weekly Travel Pill Organizer

Portable Weekly Travel Pill Organizer

Consider this item if: you travel and need a portable kit for week’s supply or you only take a few medications a day and are comfortable keeping track of which day you’ve taken your medication

Features: weekly pill containers with six compartments, fashion nylon case with button closure, travel sized

What users review: “Love this item! It’s just what I needed for travel!”

Price: $7.84

Average review: 4.5 stars

7. Pure Color Pill Organizer

Pure Color Pill Organizer

Consider this one if: you travel, you don’t take many medications, and you are comfortable keeping them in your pocket

Features: waterproof, lovely color, food-grade plastic, travel sized, budget-friendly

What users review: “Fantastic for traveling, school, working etc. where you might get rained on. I love that it is waterproof so that I don’t have to worry if it pours down rain or my drink spills in my bag.”

Price: $2.99

Average review: 4.6 stars

8. Weekly Travel Pill Organizer

Weekly Travel Pill Organizer


Consider this one if: you need a weekly medication management solution, and you take multiple pills per day

Features: Christmas style, eight-compartment pill containers, can be folded, travel sized

What users review: “I Love this pill organizer! It’s good looking, great for traveling. I have used it already on several trips.”

Price: $6.29

Average review: 4.5 stars

The best automatic pill dispensers

Let’s face it, not all pills are cute and easy to swallow. If you need a reminder to take your pills, check out this organizer.

9. 7 Day Large Electronic Pill Organizer

7 Day Large Electronic Pill Organizer

Consider this item if: you manage your medications on a weekly basis, you have large, over-sized pills

Features: BPA free, large pill containers, 7 compartments, timer reminder

What users review: “Very large compartment, can fit five big size pills. Great product.”

Price: $4.78

Average review: 4.5 stars

10. Electronic Pill Box Timer Reminder

Electronic Pill Box Timer Reminder

Consider this item if: you need a need a weekly pill organizer that can handle larger pills and a reminder to take your pills

Features: LED lit alarm functionality, with four alarm reminder, clear removal lids

What users review: “This pill organizer reminder doesn’t suck my phone’s battery dry, and I can see it light up if I have it sitting in a darkened room in the evening.”

Price: $4.59

Average review: 4.5 stars

11. Automatic Weekly Pill Dispenser

Automatic Weekly Pill Dispenser

Consider this item if: you have memory issues or hard of hearing, need consistent reminders, need to protect from accidental overdose

Features: Alarm functionality with sounds and flashing lights, detectable weekly pill box, easy to access for arthritis sufferers

What users review: “ This weekly automatic dispenser helps prevent accidental mistakes; I can’t get my pills until they are dispensed at the right time. The alarm and red light (I’m very hard of hearing, so the flashing red light is a great feature) alert her when I medicines are dispensed.”

Price: $14.01

Average review: 4.5 stars


Picking a pill organizer is a highly personal task that needs to meet your lifestyle and preferences. Hope you’re doing well.

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